Thursday, August 11, 2005

Snack Time

Snack Time
Originally uploaded by Homestead.
This is the fancy rolling snack bar.

This morning I found Sweet Boy's baseball cap in it.

Yesterday morning it was my hair brush.

So, people, now I need suggestions for a new dog food container because I think this one is about to become the toy box.


SierraBella said...

What a sweetie-pie.
I'll bet once you take the dog food out, he'll lose interest in it.

M&Co. said...

It's not very fashionable, and makes our kitchen look like a garbage pick up area, but we use the big tin garbage cans with a lid. It holds a full 50 pound bag of dog food and the BoyChild can't yet get it open without help.

Leesa said...

I bought one of those rubbermaid-likes boxes that has a drawer that pulls out. It's great! It holds a 20# bag of food and I just threw a scoop in there. Sits right on the floor or counter top. :)

Homestead said...

Sierrabella- I think you are right.... although he does love anything with wheels on it. This morning I put the tub on top of the dryer. I was loading clothes into the dryer (predictions of rain today so no clothesline for me) and turned around to answer the phone... I turned back around and he was STANDING ON THE DRYER DOOR reaching for the tub. Forget mad scientist or engineer... I think the kid is going to be the next Flying Walinda.

m&co.- I have the black plastic version in the garage with a 50 lb bag of food in it.... but my kitchen/utility room area is tiny.

Leesa- Interestingly enough, I HAVE one of those drawer things in my car to return to ShopKo right now... it didn't fit in the closet.... I might have to take it out and try it for dog food.

What I really want to do is go to and order some insanely pricey new toy.... but (sigh) that is just not practical.

Susan said...

Am I the only one distracted by how CUTE that child is? Even from the back . . .

Of course, BOTH of mine are crying right now. Sigh.