Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coffee, Car Keys, Cell Phone

Whenever we leave the house, since Sweet was tiny, he would run down my checklist for me....

cell phone?

At this point our lives are so list driven we probably couldn't function without them.

shower (sub list: shampoo, facewash, bodywash, c0nditioner, shave, foot pumice)
dressed (clothes laid out the night before)
necessities (pit stick, brush teeth, lotion, vitamins)
fluff (hair combed, maybe the front straightened, face tint, eyeliner, blush)
breakfast (coffee, toast)
pack lunch (cheese, refried beans, torillas, fruit)
work bag (milk bottles, papers from desk)
out the door (shoes, jacket, sunglasses, coffee, car keys, cell phone)

dressed (clothes laid out the night before)
breakfast (we now have a daily schedule of what to have)
pack lunch (bologna/cheese on wheat, grapes, carrots, something crunchy, snack, cheesestick)
brush teeth
wash face
shoes & hat
lunch in backpack, waterbottle filled
out the door

Same as Sweet but no breakfast or lunch and she needs her hair fixed

diaper bag out (from the closet to the table)
load with milk
car seat


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I give up.

I've given up..... sugar.


Ok, not in a really serious way.... I still eat ketchup. But I have had very limited (one) dessert-type foods since August 17th.

You would think this would result in great, leaping loss of weight, right?

Not a pound. Not one.

And, to make it worse, my sister delivered my bridesmaid dress last night. I had to bite my cheek to keep from bursting into tears. But that's ok... the day isn't about me... it is about her... and she is going to look like a lily.... a beautiful calm lily.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Breakfast Ideas

We are coming to the close of our first whole week of school.

So far it has been an adventure. He isn't learning anything he doesn't already know and all they do is play all day. He loves marble chutes and snack time.

There is a kid in the other K-class that gets lost all the time.

He took his baseball glove for show-n-tell. The theme was "something that reminds you of summer."

I need more ideas for easy kid breakfasts (now that he isn't eating at daycare for breakfast). Tuff's favorite breakfast is chicken nuggets... the dino-shaped ones. I don't think Sweet will eat pop tarts.... maybe eggo waffles.... although he hasn't been much of a waffle eater since I switched to real syrup from the high-fructose stuff. I even disguised it in a Mrs. Butterworth's bottle but he still doesn't like the taste. We have junky cereal on Fridays. Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms. He likes mini-bagels with, get this, mayo. Ew.

Any ideas?

Painting 1-2-3

So disappointed.

Started painting the kitchen. It appears the grey-green I selected is VERY close to the color in the living room. (Sag Harbor Grey vs Peaceful Jade)


Elle, where are you? I need you.