Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Decor: The Bathroom

Oh the sad, sad bathroom.  So in need of love.  But paralyzed by decisions.... black or silver fixtures?  Rearrange it or just replace things?  What to put on the walls.  Oh my.  So it only has a tiny bit of decor... the snowmen... the snowmen have broken noses.... I keep meaning to fix those but it involves finding a good tree twig, whittling it, tinting it orange, drilling a tiny hole in it, and gluing it on those tiny wire prosthetic implants the snowmen currently have....
 Oh... the copper canister?  That's for the toilet paper.  The cats love toilet paper as much as paper towels.

Christmas Decor: The Kitchen

My lovely kitchen window.  Yes, it needs painting.  Yes, it needs cleaning.  Yes, it needs replacing.  But cute, right?
 Oh look.... the dead built-in microwave.  On the other side is the gaping hole (covered by a baby gate) that was the dishwasher.  The power is unhooked to it which also took out several outlets in the kitchen... in case you were wondering if we are rednecks.... just in case.

Does anyone else use their teapot as Christmas decor?  It is under the cabinet the rest of the year.  Also funny... paper towel holder... empty... because the cats shred the towels when we are away.

My dream is to re-do these cabinets.... maybe strip and stain a shade darker and add knobs of some sort.  Re-do the counter tops and re-configure the layout.  Get rid of the built-in stuff and get a free-standing oven/stove. 
 My lovely fridge.  I know.... stainless is in... but I like mine.
 Oops... there's the side of it that I cleaned the counter onto.... that's cleaned up now... I swear.

Christmas Decor: The Dining Room

My husband shared a thought with me recently.... you don't have to put out every single decoration you own every single year.

It was a revelation to me.

So this year we went for simpler.

Our dining room.... the tiny dining room. I'm so pleased with the wall paint. Yes, I do wish the ceiling was done but patience....
In case you were worried things were getting too organized.... the chaos that is the "launch pad" at our house.... yes, all of those clothes and boots have been worn in the last 24 hours....
Oops... flash failure?  Ok, yes, the shelves are a bit cluttered.  But cute, right?
 The table.  Notice the simple centerpiece that allows us to still eat together as a family.... gone are the giant bowls of ornaments and beads.... maybe next year. 

 Forgive me the boot dryer and giant bag of flour... realities when you live in a snowy place and are the daughter of a wheat farmer, right?  And, yes, that is a countertop microwave.  The built-in one died some time ago.... taking with it the ability to auto-clean the oven.  Sigh. 

All together now.... SMILE!!!

The Nerd Herd 2010

Love that camera with the spotting scope tripod..... also love my husband for insisting we do this.

Santa 2010