Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cat Nap

Chili loves babies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A rug has been selected.

Version 3.27 of the spare bedroom.  In this scene we notice an area rug has been purchased.  I went with Elle's suggestion and got the 8x10 cream rug from Home Depot.  $147.  Done.

Next up will be, possibly, photos of the room with the rug rolled out.  It looks quite good but I haven't photographed it yet.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Holy Cow it is Wednesday

It is Wednesday.  We are STILL on a good morning schedule.

Put THAT in your record books.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Perfect Morning

Do you ever have one of those mornings?  No, not THOSE ones... the ones where things are perfect and smooth? 

Let me tell you about my Monday.

Hot's alarm rings at 5.  I think,"Is it hunting season?"  Hot doesn't get up.  My radio goes on at 6.  Hot gets up.  I nurse Bugsy.  Apparently Hot WAS planning to get up at 5 and go walk.... so that explains the alarm.  At about 6:30 I roll out of bed (late.... I need to be up by 6:15) and wander around for a while with a sleepy baby grinning on my hip.  Hot already has his lunch made and Sweet's lunch made.  Coffee is brewing.  He's showered and ready to go.  I stumble into my clothes and drink some coffee and am thankful I showered and put out clothes the night before.  Hot gets the big kids up about 6:45.  They stumble downstairs (they ARE my kids) and dress in the living room while I dress Bugsy.  Sweet eats breakfast and brushes.  Tuff brushes and I do her hair.  Shoes and jackets.  Tuff, Bugsy & Hot head out the door at 7:12.  (Must leave by 7:15 or get stuck behind buses and be late.)  They are off to daycare where the girls will eat breakfast and have a great day.  Hot will be to work plenty early and have time for a quick read of the paper and one more cup of coffee.

Sweet and I look at each other and realize we are totally and completely ready to go at 7:15.  The house is still clean and the beds are made and a load of laundry is on the timer in the washer to be finished when we get home.  So we play cards for 30 minutes.  For the record:  He beat me 3 times... once at King's Corner and twice at Speed.  We head out the door about 7:50 and I drop him at school a few minutes after 8 and I arrive at work at about 8:15. 

Amazing grace.

This is how mornings are SUPPOSED TO WORK.  I got to work all calm and ready for the day.  It was incredible.

Now talk to me about how things go on Tuesday.
The weekend was gorgeous... again.  This weather is so damn fine.

We did NOT paint the porch posts.  Hot ended up working most of the day Sunday.  Friday I left work at 3 to get Sweet and realized I was already over 40 for the week.... so we didn't go back.  Got the girls and hit Target so Sweet could FINALLY spend his birthday gift card.  Then to the library for movies and books.  Home to hang out.  Saturday Hot & I focused on the INSIDE of the house for most of the morning.  The tidying.  The tidying.  The tidying.  What a mess.  Bugsy and I spent some time pulling grass out of the edge of the rocks and playing "kick ball" on the lawn.  Lots of laundry on the line.  Made rolls.  Made calzones for dinner..... 3 cheese for the kids and cheddar and potato for Hot.... I looked at him cross-eyed when he requested cheddar and potato but they were quite lovely.  A giant bubble bath (after showers to wash the ook off) for all three kids... wish we had a bigger tub.  Then books and bed.

Our first politician stopped by.  He came to the road-side door so Hot talked to him.  He was very far right so I'm sure he thought it appropriate Hot was in the recliner watching football while I was outside (barefoot) hanging clothes on the line.

Sunday we debated painting porch posts but the weather report said rain on Sunday night so we bagged it.  Of course, no rain.  But we had plenty to do.  Hot made a fabulous breakfast with the remaining potatoes from the cheddar/potato calzones.  Fried potatoes, toast and fried eggs.  Mmmm.  The kids and I cleaned off the porch.... all toys in the garage, sweeping, washing table cloths, that kind of stuff.....  Cleared the water toys out of the trunk and readied it for pellets.  We tried on snowpants and washed them.  I got out all the hats/mittens and dumped them in the storage stool.  Maybe we will sort them next weekend.  Got out Tuff's box labeled "Fall 2010 Sizes 5-6" and sorted.  The six stuff is still big but 5's seem to be the ticket.  Now to clear space in her closets for all of it... that is such an unending process and one of my least favorite things... the clothing sorts.  Made Sweet sort out too-small jeans so he's in pretty good shape.  Trimmed everyone's nails and Tuff's bangs and ends.  Then we did pedicures on the porch.  I read an old Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine while lounging and pushing the girls on the swing.  They love that swing.  The neighbor boys came over to play.  We made some cinnamon rolls so I sent a plate home with them.... returning the plate I've had since they gave me chocolate-dipped pretzels AT CHRISTMAS TIME.  I'm a terrible neighbor.  I snuck in my final catch-up episode of Ax Men.  I made beans-n-rice for dinner and nailed it.... I tempered it with lots of rice in the pot so it wasn't very spicy for ulcer-man.  Sweet was in heaven... it is his favorite dinner.  Bugsy ate TWO bowls.  Even Tuff choked hers down.... something about cooked kidney beans ooks her out. 

The house is about as clean as it can get right now.  I mean, the windows are still filthy but everything looks ok anyway.  Hot accused me of being.... something.  He said I'm not happy unless I'm busy and I don't know how to relax.  Not true.  I know if I don't get things done our lives won't function smoothly and we won't be happy.  It is one of our biggest ongoing arguments.