Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Clean Me Living Room and Office

I like to watch tv as much as the next guy.  So I try to line up the best tv night with the living room.  I'm not really sure what was on Thursday night when I started this process......

The Basics (this is the 5 minute stuff that should happen every night)
Pick up the clutter.
Fluff the pillows.
Fold the blankets.
Fill the water thingy on the pellet stove.

Wash the blankets.
Shake the rugs.
Spot mop.
Do basic filing.

Wash the couch cushions/covers/pillows.
Really mop.
Steam clean.
Sort some drawers.
Scan paperwork.

Wash windows.
Change shelf art or wall art.
Empty entertainment cabinets/wipe/clean/declutter.
Check light bulbs.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Clean Me Bathroom

The bathroom usually involves a couple kids in the tub. 

The Basics (this is the 5 minute stuff that should happen every night)
Hang up towels.
Clear counters.
Wipe up the toothpaste gunge.
Scoop cat box.
Empty garbage can.

Clean toilet.
Scrub tub.
Clean mirror.
Wash towels.  (Yes, I wash them and hang them right back up on the hooks.)
Shake the rugs.
Spot mop.
Check levels of hand soap/toilet paper/shower stuff.
Do a load of laundry.
Wash/fill pet waterer. (We have two... one in the bathroom, one in the laundry room.)
Dump boiling water down the drains.

Really mop.
Steam clean.
Wipe down the door and light switch.
Sort some cabinets and drawers.
Wipe cabinet fronts.
Wash rugs.
Wash shower curtain.
Disinfect tub toys.
Use the drain cleaner grabber thing on the sink & tub drains.  (The link is for one on amazon... I got mine at Harbor Freight for $1.49)

Clean shelves.
Wash window.
Empty cabinets/wipe/clean/declutter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Clean Me Laundry Room

The Basics (this is the 5 minute stuff that should happen every night)
Clear counters.

Empty recycling.
Wash pet waterer.
Wash dog dish.
Wash cat dish.
Spot mop.
Check levels of cat/dog food.
Check levels of detergent etc.
Fold laundry.
Do a load of laundry.

Really mop.
Steam clean.
Wipe down the door and light switch.
Sort some cabinets and drawers.
Wipe cabinet fronts.

Clean the pantry.
Wash windows.
Empty cabinets/wipe/clean/declutter.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Clean Me Kitchen and Dining Room

Sometimes I like to use a timer.  Ok, a lot of times.  The kitchen is a great timer place.  15 minutes to clear the "peninsula" counter.  Then 15 minutes for the kitchen and 15 for the dining room.  Done.

The Basics (this is the 5 minute stuff that should happen every night)
File the paper clutter in the silver filer box and deal with the mail/kid papers.
Clear the counter/table/mini desk.
Hang up coats, put away boots/coats/gloves.
Hang up backpacks.
Empty sink.
Load dishwasher.
Empty lunchboxes.

Empty backpacks.
Shake the rugs.
Spot mop.
Wipe table.
Water plants.
Wash napkins/dishtowels/dishrags.
Wipe stove/counters/etc.
Clean fridge.
Scrub sink.
Check levels of dish soap/hand soap/dishwasher detergent/rinse agent.
Dump boiling water down the drains.

Really mop.
Steam clean.
Wash rugs.
Wipe down the door and light switch.
Sort some cabinets.
Wipe cabinet fronts.
Clean oven.
Clean freezer.
Make dishwasher mix.  (2/3 powder dish detergent and 1/3 lemishine)

Wash backpacks.
Wash lunchboxes.
Wash coats/gloves/hats.
Wash windows.
Change table centerpiece/shelf art.
Empty cabinets/wipe/clean/declutter.
Clean closet.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clean My House

I've always been a huge fan of the fly lady.

I really believe I can do anything for 15 minutes.

And I've used the room-a-week method for a lot of decluttering.  (And on that decluttering thing.... house looks great..... garage.... not so much.....)

But I've been finding myself spending way too much time cleaning on the weekends. 

Way.  Too.  Much.  Time.

I need a service.  But that isn't in the budget.

And I work a solid 40 in an office.

So I need a way to get the house clean... in about 15 minutes.... between 8:45-9:00pm.

So I set a schedule and, so far, it seems to be working.

Monday:  Kitchen/Dining Room.  Monday nights are gymnastics from 6:00-7:00.  So it needs to be an easy night.... the kitchen and dining room usually stay pretty clean.  And they are the first areas you see in our tiny house so Hot has a vested interest in keeping them clean to maintain his sanity.

Tuesday:  Laundry Room.  Tuff has art class 5:00-6:00 so it is another late night.  And because by Tuesday we usually need another load of laundry done.

Wednesday:  Bathroom.  This works well because Wednesday is also bath night.  And I can sneak in another load of laundry or some folding while they soak. 

Thursday:  Living Room/Office Space.  I think I originally set this up because there was a tv show I liked on Thursday but I have no idea what show it was....  The Office Space is an ongoing nightmare.  I need a fancy scanner.  Or a small bonfire.  Or something. 

Friday:  Bedroom.  For everyone.  This is a cheap trick because the kids have to clean their rooms before they can have movie night.  Brilliant, no?  I also hit the laundry hard again on Friday and do some folding during movie night. 

So how is it working?  Ok.  The house is cleaner than usual and everyone knows the schedule so they are mostly willing to put in a few minutes of work every night because they know it matters to me.

So... what does each night of cleaning involve?  Some nights more than others.  I'm working on a list... the basics and the detailed stuff. 

How do you get your house clean?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knitting Stops

And now... we are going to play a game.  Elle uses a pencil grip as a stop for her knitting.  After about the eleventy-millionth time my knitting fell off my knitting needle my mom came up with a solution....
Can you see it?
Look closer.... Do you know what it is??  Bonus points if you can ID it.


My middle child is completely obsessed with elephants. 

Craft project for January was knitting a starbella scarf. 


Craft project for February was going to be a birthday banner but I'm having a hard time deciding fabric so....

Craft project for February is going to be a felt elephant. 

A tiny one.

And a bed in an altoids tin.

I'm drawing patterns now.

Cross your fingers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kindle Me

I would blog more but I'm just too friggin' busy reading on my NEW KINDLE.

Can I tell you how much I love my brother's wife right now.

Perfect gift.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tutu Table

I'm just trying to make a tutu table.  Is that too much to ask?

I can't find a fraggin' table top. 

I can find legs.

But I can't find what I need. 

Heavy sigh.

This was going to be "the project" for the weekend and I've been searching all week for a table and can't find one. 


Weren't these kinds of tables all the rage in the 80's??  Bedside tables with round table clothes to the floor?  I know they were.  They should be everywhere.

So I'm pondering.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Wanna guess how much I got done???

Don't every let me drink a Mountain Dew at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday

It wasn't a good thing.  But we have a bunch of pop leftover from a holiday thing and I had one.  And at 2:00 am I was still up wandering around taking pictures of all the things I was planning to accomplish today.  And, of course, today I am a zombie.

A zombie with coffee. 

Paper.  Today is the day of paper.  And Costco.  And Target and Joanne's and the Dollar Store and Capital Sports and Office Depot.  You see the problem here?  Too much stuff and too little day.  So I'm using my handy-dandy new orange watch to time myself out 15 minutes to PLAN the day.

Make some lists.  See.  I'm doing that now.  A Costco list.  A grocery list (for later this week).  A hardware store list.  A craft list.  A list of things to do for the girls' room.  A list of categories of paper so I can finally completely get like with like and move on with the paper organization project.

1.  Set up profiles on the Kindle... with that timer thing to limit play and apps they can access.
2.  Copy new Mumford & Sons cd to computer and ipod.
3.  Look at playlists on old ipod and clean up in general.
4.  Make sure all photos are in 2012 folder.  Think about sorting the December ones.
5.  Read something on the Kindle (Sherlock Holmes at 2:30 am does not count.)
6.  Contemplate a case/screen protector for the Kindle.
7.  Charge camera battery.
8.  Label any stray chargers.  (I think this is all done.)
9.  Adore this.

1.  Call Elle and figure out how to finish off the scarf I made under her tullage.  Also note:  knitting is a great way to keep your mouth shut....  who knew?
2.  Download Nevis font for birth card pictures.  Also, while sorting paperwork, double check time/weights/heights for birth of children.
3.  Do something with metal letter stampers and a hammer.
4.  Set up journal files for 2013.
5.  Contemplate these to store mittens on the wall.

1. Taxes prepped. This won't all happen today but I'm going to work on them a bit.
2. File receipts and find Target receipt for playdough. (Done. Took about 2 minutes. I have a system down for filing receipts... which means I have a system for FINDING receipts.)
3.  Clear out the dining room filer and hang it on the wall.  (Done.  Photographic evidence to follow.)
4.  Finally figure out the master plan for organizing all paperwork.  The end-all-be-all.  Today.  I need more coffee.  Ok.... how about if I figure out all of the categories of paperwork today and work on generating a trash bag of stuff I don't need....
5.  Put contacts in the "home" binder.
6.  Scan some stuff.  Ok.  This is too vague and won't happen.  How about, "Scan 10 documents and file them electronically in the appropriate file with the appropriate name."

1.  Hang curtain rod in the girls' room.
2.  Work on the top of the stairs closet.
3.  Hang jewelry hangers.
4. Sort the kids' clothes. I did this yesterday. I just wanted to put it on the list so I can check it off.
5.  Hang something adorable on the front door.
6.  Put away Christmas decor.  It's all boxed and in the garage.... which is as far as I'm willing to go in my slippers.  Today I will put on my muck boots and haul the boxes through the drift to the shed.

1.  Do a quickie workout video.
2.  Poop.
3.  Shower.
4.  Drink a whole pot of coffee.  (By myself.  Hot is gone this weekend.)
5.  Beat my son at some part of wii sports. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013


Looking at flooring has me dreaming again....

I seriously love this kitchen.

From younghouselove's house crasher series.


What I love the most?  It would work for us if we remodeled and added on.  Almost perfectly.  Picture it.

Saturday, January 05, 2013


Going to look at flooring for the bathroom today.... with hopes of finding something for the long holiday weekend at the end of the month. 


Hot is having shoulder surgery at the end of the month so this will be his last project before months and months of recovery.  We decided to make it a fun one.  :)  We aren't tackling the laundry room/kitchen/dining.... just the bathroom.

The bathroom has a lot of angles and corners and isn't squared so a snap-in style will be better than sheet stuff.  Not sure what options we have in a bathroom for that.....

If prices are good we might get a new toilet and vanity/sink.  Not touching the tub.... even though my forever goal is to have a tub where my knees and my boobs are under water at the same time.  That seems like too much to do in a 3-day weekend. 

I have light grey walls.  I'd like a dark grey floor.  But I'm thinking I should be careful because the living room floor is dark brown and eventually this will probably be what we get for the rest of the house that meets up with the dark brown... dark brown next to dark grey might not be so good.  How about a medium slate-looking grey?  And dark grey countertops in the kitchen? 

Off to to look at images......

I have no idea how to remove/replace/reseal a toilet.... so I will be googling that next.

Friday, January 04, 2013


I believe in reinvention.  Daily if needed.  So.  Today.  I'm starting AGAIN with meal planning. 

Tonight:  meat loaf, brown rice, stuffing & green beans.  I'm going crazy tonight because I was home ALL DAY yesterday and had time to plan and pre-prep.  I use the onion soup mix meat loaf recipe and cow burger.  Brown rice is really just to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  The stuffing is some random mix that my mother-in-law gave me that won't fit in my cupboard so we are eating it.

Tomorrow:  hot dogs for lunch for the kids and rice bowls for the grownups & some sort of soup in the crockpot with mooseburger for dinner and biscuits.  The soup will have carrots and potatoes and canned tomatoes... and maybe some purple barley.  The biscuits will have butter and honey.

Sunday:  Maybe spaghetti with red sauce.

Monday:  Maybe spaghetti with white sauce.

Tuesday:  Sour cream bake?  We had this over Christmas and it is yummy.

Wednesday:  Chili Mac (if I got to the store and get shells).  Or maybe soup and sandwiches.

Thursday:  Criminy.  Why do these people want to eat EVER DAY??  Chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese?  Ok... something in the crock pot.  With burger.  Taco soup.  Sounds good.  This is not a favorite of the kids....

Friday:  I'm cleaning out the freezer so it might be smorghy-borghy (Swedish Chef Style) of bagel bites, frozen veggies and wonton wrappers.... 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Home Day

My sweet little Calamity Jane is not feeling well today.  I love waking up to the sound of a small person retching.  True love is moving TOWARDS someone who is throwing up.  But she was a super champ about it.

One of the cousins was sick on December 24.
We saw them on December 27.
Tuff got sick December 31.
Bugsy got it on January 3.

So apparently it has a really long incubation?

Tuff was down for exactly 12 hours.  Tossing her cookies every 30-45 minutes with a fever in the afternoon.  Bugsy wasn't as pukey but she was SO TIRED all day. 

I am thankful for internet access to my work email and color-safe bleach.  And, as always, that I don't have to do laundry by pounding it on a rock down by the creek when it is 4 degrees outside. 

Crafty 2013

In the name of craft.

I'm trying to come up with 12 crafty creative projects to actually DO in 2013.

1.  Knit a scarf.
2.  Make a tutu table.
3.  Make disney cutout wall prints for the girls' room.
4.  Make a birthday banner.

Uh.... I ran out of ideas already.....

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Thankful Tidbits

I got my ipod back from repair.  Cost me $85 but I'm so happy to have it.