Monday, April 21, 2008


After exhaustive research I have concluded it would do us right to get Netflix.

Game on.

Seriously... Elle can tell you how many, many months... dare I say YEARS... I've been contemplating this.

We watch a lot of movies.

We also watch a lot of tv series on dvd since we don't get much tv reception with our rabbit ears.

So I'm makin' the move.

Getting queue'd up.

Is anyone else bothered by the word "queue"??? Nope? Just me? Okey-dokey.

This is a lot of pressure.

I have to come up with a list of movies. And put them in order. Yikes.

Muppet Treasure Island is #1.

I'm not kidding.

So come on over... I have popcorn (air-popped... none of the chemical microwave stuff).... and I'll save you a spot on the comfy couch.