Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission Organization: Space Making

Making some space.... see the empty shelf?  That's where all the random toys get stashed until someone has time to find their real home.  The rest of the (former tv and stereo cabinet) is dedicated to games, library books and a basket of fridge magnet toys.

Guess what we are having for breakfast?????

Organizing Challenge: Nail Pretties

So this fine Saturday morning (temperature MINUS TEN without wind chill) the girls and I decided to do mani/pedi work.  We got out the polka dot box.  Then we decided we better clean it.  So we emptied the box, wiped out the random clippings (ew) and ook from the bottom, then looked at our collection. 

 You know what?  When I was single I had one pair of nail nippers.  One.  Now we have about 6 sets.  Stashed everywhere.  Sigh.  Just another tiny oddity about getting married and having kids.  My hubby is fairly obsessed with having clippers available... he keeps them in the side table by his chair.  Ew.

See the adorable tiny toe in the background?  Painted Miami Dolphins teal ("Marine Scene" by Sally).  Ah... the memories in this box.  The dark and dramatic purple ("Adrenaline" by Creative) that was my wedding pedicure.  The strawberry icing pink ("Strawberry Icing" by Sally) I bought when Tuff was a baby so we could have matching delicate petal pink toes....  The classic ("Wreathed in Red" by OPI) red for summer toes.  Bright Coral ("Bright" by Sally) for the summer after Bugsy was born to celebrate being able to reach my toes again.  All the crazy kid colors.  And, yes, even a hideous Steelers yellow (LA Colors from the Dollar Store). 

I love OPI polish... so it strikes me as odd that I only have one polish that is OPI.  For my fingernails I really like the Neutrogena stuff that was discontinued.  Neutrogena Nail Enhancer in Pearl.  I got some other stuff that I have at work but it isn't as great.

I need a new basecoat.... any recommendations?  Why do I have so much topcoat and no basecoat??  And has anyone used a glass nail file?  Are they great or not?  And do you have a favorite foot file?  I bought one of those ones that looks like a cheese grater... it works ok.  And I have a pumice thing in the shower.  And the handy-dandy dry file from Body Shop.... I think that is my favorite.... but I never use it in winter.... filing your feet just seems like an outside project, doesn't it?  Ew. 

And the final product.... not much is changed... I wiped the gunk off the top of some bottles but mostly it is all the same.... just tidier and minus the nail filing dust.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In response

A post in response to Elle's post.....

1.  I also have no photos of myself.  I once confessed to Hot that it was one of my biggest regrets.... not having photos of myself with the kids.  He promised to take some candids.  He failed.

2.  I think your kids have exquisite fashion sense.

3.  I consider myself a documentarian.  I also take and keep a lot of pics.

4.  OMG.  Love.  My.  Flip.  Latest video:  Sweet's tooth getting pulled.  It involved a family heirloom..... the branding iron..... need I say more??

5.  My sister says leggings, boots and a sweater dress are the perfect outfit.  She would know.

And now, interesting facts about me.  I'm an over-achiever, so there are 30, not 15.  All you've ever wanted to know.
1.  I would like a cigarette.  Right now.  I haven't had one in, oh..... about 10 years.  I'm a little shocked you are Team Edward.... this may require more discussion at a later date.  My favorite smells are grapefruit, wet rocks and amber.  I am also currently obsessed with Olive Leaf Cologne.

2.  I remember cheer.  Post photos.

3.  I like doing my own stunts.

4.  I like electric toothbrushes and easy glide floss.  I dislike kid-flavors of toothpaste (not to be confused with kid-flavored.... I've tasted kids.... not my thing either....)

5.  Start up business.... that has been on the cover of magazines.

6.  Or, possibly, your true calling as a professional organizer and gardener.

7.  Have you considered stealing some from Walmart?  That's the real reason I don't shop there.... I'm just sure some of them are cute under the crust.

8.  I'm not sure how I feel about dogs.  But I love my true first-born.  G-man.

9.  OMG.  Office Depot had See Jane Work products.  Also... The container store is having an office supply sale this month.  Great stuff.  But I hate rubber bands.  There are none in my home or office.  (Except the hair kind.)

10.  Boy did you ever.  Tell the McDonald's syrup story.

11.  I had to go count...  I have more.  1.  tinted moisturizer, 2. eyebrow pencil, 3. eyelash curler, 4. eyebrow brush, 5. sharpener, 6. mascara, 7.  mascara brush, 8. eyeshadow brush, 9. blush brush, 10. tweezers, 11. lip balm, 12.  2 eyeliners (green and grey), 13. blush, 14. eyeshadow, 15. foundation kit (for special occasions.  I need some concealer and a new mascara.

12.  I grew up 70 miles from the nearest Dairy Queen.

13.  Yes, you are.

14.  Yes, you do.

15.  You wouldn't survive at my house with the rabbit ears and the 4 channels on tv.  Hulu.

16.  You can borrow mine.... she's really good.

17.  Heavy sigh.

18.  I helped him.

19.  I wish I was.....

20.  My kids got my musical inclinations... that being... none.

21.  And you live it... you really do.

22.  Also admirable traits.

23.  I love that Soliel stuff.... and also the rose salve from Bath and Body Works.

24.  Oh yes.  I believe wearing my grandma's (and great-g's) costume jewelry gives me power.

25.  Oh me too.

26.  What about poor little femi, the drunkometer?  Doesn't he count?  Also.... you have a foot tat.. my sister has a foot tat, my sil has a foot tat..... did I miss the bus?

27.  I like to cook and bake... I hate to plan meals.

28.  Me too.  But I also like wine.

29.  I'm a closet reader.

30.  Oh... good list.  I wish I had a good list like that.
I'm home with a sick boy today.  Generally not a big deal but he's had a headache since Saturday and isn't eating much.  And so tired.  The doc thinks maybe strep.... no sore throat but I guess that isn't a requirement.  His class of 20 was down 5 kids yesterday.  I'm watching him like a hawk for any signs of HSP after our adventure LAST February.  Once you've had it, chances are higher you will get it again.

Friday we celebrated his last bp/ua to check his kidneys from the HSP.  Yes, it has been a year.  Tuesday we were back at the doc's office.  Sigh. 

So we are home.  The girls decided to stick around and watch dvd's all day. 

Here's my list. 

1.  clean cat box
2.  clean spot on carpet
3.  figure out couch brand and research new slipcover
4.  clean paint/bag cupboard
5.  spray labels
6.  make buns
7.  make cinnamon rolls
8.  create meal plan
9.  check work email
10.  design evaluation form
11.  cancel dial up
12.  mail letters
13.  scan docs
14.  do two loads laundry

How awesome am I??  Cinnamon roll dough is in the breadmaker.  Buns just came out of the oven.... I will cancel dial up and check out the couch when kids go down for naps. 

Next up is meal planning.  We did South Beach Diet pretty hard-core for 30 days.  Now we are off it and kind of adrift.  So some planning is in order


I can't stop saying "honk your peaches" now.

thanks elle.

Project Harry Potter Room: Complete

Yeah!  Project done!  This is the view looking up from the bed.

And up towards the left.....

The little darlings love it now....

Fear not.... there is a toy box just out of range of the photo that serves as a step.... she's not bailing out.

Should I paint the trim on the outside?  I did the inside of the shelves next to it and have plans to do the walls.... but it is a big job... they are wall paper over some sort of composite board....and the trim was installed OVER the wallpaper....  so I thinkpil-based primer and then regular water-based latex paint is the appropriate solution... but that oil-based primer is so NASTY.  So I'm putting it off.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project: Paint the Cave

First... a confession.  My son sleeps in a closet.  A true Harry Potter style story.  Except his is OVER the stairs and not under the stairs. 
So, for fun, I asked him what we should do about it.  He got some cool planet decals for Christmas but he wasn't digging the peach paint.  So we went after it.  First step:  Removal of mattress, eleventy-million pillows and blankets and stuffed animals and toys.
Mmmm.... peach.
Mmmmm.... pretty light...
Busy painter boy putting on the primer.  Can I pause a moment and tell you what a PITA this painting project was?  You can see how small the space is.....  I was flat on my belly painting the "point" where the ceiling meets the floor.  Then the awkward squat-dance to do the highest point.  Ugh.  I actually managed to bend over at one point and put my rear right on a painted part of the wall.  Tuff looked at it and said, "Mama, it looks like you have a snowman on your bottom."  Great.  And I got paint in my hair.... fortunately it was white paint so it blended with the grey hair. 
This boy loves to paint.  I love that paint brush.  (Thanks Elle) 
Ok, here it is with the ceiling done.... you'll have to wait to see the final project....  the card is in my camera in the other room.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Modern Rustic

Any time I see something that says "modern rustic" I get all excited.  I'm pretty sure that is my style... modern rustic. 

Now, can someone please tell me what, exactly, that MEANS???

Monday, February 07, 2011


Gunnar just heard the news.... there is a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood.  Between that and the predicted eleventy-million inches of snowfall he has decided to stay on the couch.

PS.  Anyone else noticing how GREY his face is these days??

So pretty.

First... let's just get past the fact that I have a microwave on my counter.  Yes, there is a built in.  No, it doesn't work.  No, it hasn't worked in over a year.  Yes, we have tried to fix it.  Yes, we have considered taking it out and sliding this one in the slot.  No, it won't work.  Yes, I am currently storing paperwork in the microwave.  Yes, the controls for the oven are on the microwave.  No, I can't use my self-cleaning option on my oven. 

Baby steps people.

The dishwasher ain't been right in years.  Due to some unfortunate remodeling issues in 2004 (when we lived in town) our OLD dishwasher went to dishwasher heaven and we got a new one.  We swapped it when we moved.  It was a noisy buggar and, really, didn't wash the dishes well at all.  But it was great for baking food particles on really solidly so you had to soak the dishes in the sink and hand wash them before you could put them away. 

So last year when we were in the fits of planning to remodel it finally gave up the ghost.  Since tear-apart was scheduled for the second week in June I figured I could handle a few months of hand washing and just put in a new one when things were settled. 

Then we came to our senses and realized we could not afford to remodel.  All of our friends apparently have much better jobs than we do and/or are much smarter than we are but that's another topic.  So we shopped for dishwashers.  I picked a lovely one.  The delivery guy came.  It wouldn't work with our existing water setup.  (Notice the washer is not right next to the sink... that's part of the problem.)  So back that washer went. 

Fast-forward several months and dishpan hands later.  Hot got me a washer for Christmas.  Romantic,no?  I was quite thrilled.  Of  course, the fact that there was no free installation promo this time was a concern.  But he did the install and, with a little motivation from his dad, actually ripped out part of the counter behind the washer (on the dining room side) so we could make sure it was installed correctly.  That was an adventure.  Sorry, no photos were allowed and, honestly, it was the verbal portion that was the most colorful.  And, unfortunately, he didn't even ruin the hideous fake wood paneling that covers under the counter in the dining room... better luck next time.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Fun

The girls and I are home for a sick day today.  Fortunately, because of my fabulous internet service, I have already managed to log several hours of "real" work.  Love it.

Now I'm playing. 

One of my fav organizing blogs is A Bowl Full of Lemons and last month she did a 21-day organizing challenge.  Now, you know what a slacker I am about checking blogs so I missed the whole fargin' thing. 

But I'm on it now.  Days 1 & 2 were the junk drawer and the top of the desk at the computer station so I'm doing that today.

As soon as the modge podge dries I'll take some "after"pics.

We have two other little projects going on.....  painting the pirate cave and managing the school paperwork.

I can't really explain the pirate cave painting except to say Sweet came home yesterday and said he wanted to paint his "bedroom" so we did.  Yes, my son sleeps in a Harry Potter room.... except his space is OVER the stairs instead of under them.  We have a lot of bodies packed into a small square footage.

I've had a vague idea about how I want to manage kid paperwork for a while now but I couldn't quite get it together to actually DO it until I was cruising back topics on another fav organization blog IHeartOrganizing.  I still need a trip to the office supply store to get some cute hanging file folders (all I have are industrial office green ones) and I'll be ready to present my take of her inspiration for kids paperwork.  I totally get her thoughts about making three matching sets even though they aren't all in school yet.  I get it.  I even used her labels even though they are a little more colorful than my usual style.  I added a pre-k and records section and I'm planning to change the orientation of the one-page document with the school photo on it.  And I think I will use hard plastic containers since these will ultimately be stored in the shed.  And, of course, being who I am and what I do, I already have a large-sized portfolio of larger works of art. 

Off I go to spent 30 minutes on paperwork and then to painting.

I still think it will be hard to narrow the hoards of paperwork down to just one file.

I love wireless

I freakin' pink puffy heart wireless internet IN MY HOUSE.  Yes. 

It was and is a redneck situation.  Picture 125 feet of data cord running across my lawn and down my fence with a radar gun looking thing perched on a fence post.  Yes.

I don't care.  It goes well with the rabbit ears shoved out the living room window.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hell Froze Over.... Here's your invitation to the skating party...

Glad to see the rest of the country is having the same frigid temps we are....  although today is a balmy 24 degrees.

I've been wearing Sweet's fleece hat to work.... it is black and has skulls on it.  Paired with my sleek black sunglasses.... I look cool.... in my mini van.