Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm home with a sick boy today.  Generally not a big deal but he's had a headache since Saturday and isn't eating much.  And so tired.  The doc thinks maybe strep.... no sore throat but I guess that isn't a requirement.  His class of 20 was down 5 kids yesterday.  I'm watching him like a hawk for any signs of HSP after our adventure LAST February.  Once you've had it, chances are higher you will get it again.

Friday we celebrated his last bp/ua to check his kidneys from the HSP.  Yes, it has been a year.  Tuesday we were back at the doc's office.  Sigh. 

So we are home.  The girls decided to stick around and watch dvd's all day. 

Here's my list. 

1.  clean cat box
2.  clean spot on carpet
3.  figure out couch brand and research new slipcover
4.  clean paint/bag cupboard
5.  spray labels
6.  make buns
7.  make cinnamon rolls
8.  create meal plan
9.  check work email
10.  design evaluation form
11.  cancel dial up
12.  mail letters
13.  scan docs
14.  do two loads laundry

How awesome am I??  Cinnamon roll dough is in the breadmaker.  Buns just came out of the oven.... I will cancel dial up and check out the couch when kids go down for naps. 

Next up is meal planning.  We did South Beach Diet pretty hard-core for 30 days.  Now we are off it and kind of adrift.  So some planning is in order

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