Monday, February 07, 2011

So pretty.

First... let's just get past the fact that I have a microwave on my counter.  Yes, there is a built in.  No, it doesn't work.  No, it hasn't worked in over a year.  Yes, we have tried to fix it.  Yes, we have considered taking it out and sliding this one in the slot.  No, it won't work.  Yes, I am currently storing paperwork in the microwave.  Yes, the controls for the oven are on the microwave.  No, I can't use my self-cleaning option on my oven. 

Baby steps people.

The dishwasher ain't been right in years.  Due to some unfortunate remodeling issues in 2004 (when we lived in town) our OLD dishwasher went to dishwasher heaven and we got a new one.  We swapped it when we moved.  It was a noisy buggar and, really, didn't wash the dishes well at all.  But it was great for baking food particles on really solidly so you had to soak the dishes in the sink and hand wash them before you could put them away. 

So last year when we were in the fits of planning to remodel it finally gave up the ghost.  Since tear-apart was scheduled for the second week in June I figured I could handle a few months of hand washing and just put in a new one when things were settled. 

Then we came to our senses and realized we could not afford to remodel.  All of our friends apparently have much better jobs than we do and/or are much smarter than we are but that's another topic.  So we shopped for dishwashers.  I picked a lovely one.  The delivery guy came.  It wouldn't work with our existing water setup.  (Notice the washer is not right next to the sink... that's part of the problem.)  So back that washer went. 

Fast-forward several months and dishpan hands later.  Hot got me a washer for Christmas.  Romantic,no?  I was quite thrilled.  Of  course, the fact that there was no free installation promo this time was a concern.  But he did the install and, with a little motivation from his dad, actually ripped out part of the counter behind the washer (on the dining room side) so we could make sure it was installed correctly.  That was an adventure.  Sorry, no photos were allowed and, honestly, it was the verbal portion that was the most colorful.  And, unfortunately, he didn't even ruin the hideous fake wood paneling that covers under the counter in the dining room... better luck next time.

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