Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Fun

The girls and I are home for a sick day today.  Fortunately, because of my fabulous internet service, I have already managed to log several hours of "real" work.  Love it.

Now I'm playing. 

One of my fav organizing blogs is A Bowl Full of Lemons and last month she did a 21-day organizing challenge.  Now, you know what a slacker I am about checking blogs so I missed the whole fargin' thing. 

But I'm on it now.  Days 1 & 2 were the junk drawer and the top of the desk at the computer station so I'm doing that today.

As soon as the modge podge dries I'll take some "after"pics.

We have two other little projects going on.....  painting the pirate cave and managing the school paperwork.

I can't really explain the pirate cave painting except to say Sweet came home yesterday and said he wanted to paint his "bedroom" so we did.  Yes, my son sleeps in a Harry Potter room.... except his space is OVER the stairs instead of under them.  We have a lot of bodies packed into a small square footage.

I've had a vague idea about how I want to manage kid paperwork for a while now but I couldn't quite get it together to actually DO it until I was cruising back topics on another fav organization blog IHeartOrganizing.  I still need a trip to the office supply store to get some cute hanging file folders (all I have are industrial office green ones) and I'll be ready to present my take of her inspiration for kids paperwork.  I totally get her thoughts about making three matching sets even though they aren't all in school yet.  I get it.  I even used her labels even though they are a little more colorful than my usual style.  I added a pre-k and records section and I'm planning to change the orientation of the one-page document with the school photo on it.  And I think I will use hard plastic containers since these will ultimately be stored in the shed.  And, of course, being who I am and what I do, I already have a large-sized portfolio of larger works of art. 

Off I go to spent 30 minutes on paperwork and then to painting.

I still think it will be hard to narrow the hoards of paperwork down to just one file.

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