Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project: Paint the Cave

First... a confession.  My son sleeps in a closet.  A true Harry Potter style story.  Except his is OVER the stairs and not under the stairs. 
So, for fun, I asked him what we should do about it.  He got some cool planet decals for Christmas but he wasn't digging the peach paint.  So we went after it.  First step:  Removal of mattress, eleventy-million pillows and blankets and stuffed animals and toys.
Mmmm.... peach.
Mmmmm.... pretty light...
Busy painter boy putting on the primer.  Can I pause a moment and tell you what a PITA this painting project was?  You can see how small the space is.....  I was flat on my belly painting the "point" where the ceiling meets the floor.  Then the awkward squat-dance to do the highest point.  Ugh.  I actually managed to bend over at one point and put my rear right on a painted part of the wall.  Tuff looked at it and said, "Mama, it looks like you have a snowman on your bottom."  Great.  And I got paint in my hair.... fortunately it was white paint so it blended with the grey hair. 
This boy loves to paint.  I love that paint brush.  (Thanks Elle) 
Ok, here it is with the ceiling done.... you'll have to wait to see the final project....  the card is in my camera in the other room.

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Elle said...

Mmm. I love that brush. Can't paint without it now . .