Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In response

A post in response to Elle's post.....

1.  I also have no photos of myself.  I once confessed to Hot that it was one of my biggest regrets.... not having photos of myself with the kids.  He promised to take some candids.  He failed.

2.  I think your kids have exquisite fashion sense.

3.  I consider myself a documentarian.  I also take and keep a lot of pics.

4.  OMG.  Love.  My.  Flip.  Latest video:  Sweet's tooth getting pulled.  It involved a family heirloom..... the branding iron..... need I say more??

5.  My sister says leggings, boots and a sweater dress are the perfect outfit.  She would know.

And now, interesting facts about me.  I'm an over-achiever, so there are 30, not 15.  All you've ever wanted to know.
1.  I would like a cigarette.  Right now.  I haven't had one in, oh..... about 10 years.  I'm a little shocked you are Team Edward.... this may require more discussion at a later date.  My favorite smells are grapefruit, wet rocks and amber.  I am also currently obsessed with Olive Leaf Cologne.

2.  I remember cheer.  Post photos.

3.  I like doing my own stunts.

4.  I like electric toothbrushes and easy glide floss.  I dislike kid-flavors of toothpaste (not to be confused with kid-flavored.... I've tasted kids.... not my thing either....)

5.  Start up business.... that has been on the cover of magazines.

6.  Or, possibly, your true calling as a professional organizer and gardener.

7.  Have you considered stealing some from Walmart?  That's the real reason I don't shop there.... I'm just sure some of them are cute under the crust.

8.  I'm not sure how I feel about dogs.  But I love my true first-born.  G-man.

9.  OMG.  Office Depot had See Jane Work products.  Also... The container store is having an office supply sale this month.  Great stuff.  But I hate rubber bands.  There are none in my home or office.  (Except the hair kind.)

10.  Boy did you ever.  Tell the McDonald's syrup story.

11.  I had to go count...  I have more.  1.  tinted moisturizer, 2. eyebrow pencil, 3. eyelash curler, 4. eyebrow brush, 5. sharpener, 6. mascara, 7.  mascara brush, 8. eyeshadow brush, 9. blush brush, 10. tweezers, 11. lip balm, 12.  2 eyeliners (green and grey), 13. blush, 14. eyeshadow, 15. foundation kit (for special occasions.  I need some concealer and a new mascara.

12.  I grew up 70 miles from the nearest Dairy Queen.

13.  Yes, you are.

14.  Yes, you do.

15.  You wouldn't survive at my house with the rabbit ears and the 4 channels on tv.  Hulu.

16.  You can borrow mine.... she's really good.

17.  Heavy sigh.

18.  I helped him.

19.  I wish I was.....

20.  My kids got my musical inclinations... that being... none.

21.  And you live it... you really do.

22.  Also admirable traits.

23.  I love that Soliel stuff.... and also the rose salve from Bath and Body Works.

24.  Oh yes.  I believe wearing my grandma's (and great-g's) costume jewelry gives me power.

25.  Oh me too.

26.  What about poor little femi, the drunkometer?  Doesn't he count?  Also.... you have a foot tat.. my sister has a foot tat, my sil has a foot tat..... did I miss the bus?

27.  I like to cook and bake... I hate to plan meals.

28.  Me too.  But I also like wine.

29.  I'm a closet reader.

30.  Oh... good list.  I wish I had a good list like that.

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