Monday, April 19, 2010

I am the Walrus.

Or, rather, Bugsy is the walrus.... the snot walrus that is.

You know.

When they sneeze and magically have two tusks under their nose?  Ew.

I'm blaming it on some combination of a cold, teething and shots.  Seems reasonable.  She's happy... just boogery.  Well, let me rephrase that.... she's happy as long as you aren't trying to wipe her nose. 

That makes her a very angry humming bird.  Very angry.  She shoots dark darts with her eyes.

She's at that point... she knows what she wants.  And she squeals if she doesn't get it.  Ask her brother what happens if you take a toy from her... she yells.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Last meeting.... took about 30 minutes.

The highlights: 

1.  Undercabinet lighting and outlets
2.  Light over the tub in the bathroom
3.  Ceiling fan in the bedroom
4.  Where the heck do I put the dining room light fixture?
5.  Lots of outlets in the pantry

Hot was there for this meeting so he could talk to the electrician about the electrical in our out buildings.  These boys went to high school together so it was a good time. 

Next steps:  Flooring guy will measure existing living room for bid on Tuesday evening.  I will get the cabinet samples sometime soon so I can make a final decision.  Oh... and I'm planning to go see some model homes to get ideas.  Then the builder puts together the bid and we finalize that part.  It might be painful.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Meeting number four (lordy I'm getting tired.... and I've only been at this meeting stuff for a week now) was with the plumber.

We went basic, basic, basic.  My only upgrades are:  a sprayer on the laundry room sink ($40), a 36" tub ($150), maybe a stainless faucet in the kitchen and a slightly cooler shaped pedestal sink in the powder room.  The bathroom faucets are Eva.  The kitchen faucet will be Aberdeen... I think.  Stainless two-tub sink in the kitchen.  Super basic.  One meeting to go.


Meeting number three was for appliances.

We are going for the black/silver theme.  The black fridge and white washer/dryer will stay.  New dishwasher and over-the-range microwave (since both of these appliances have up and died on us in the last six weeks.... fate... she speaks.)  The cheapest electric oven I could find..... darn, huh?  I wanted to upgrade but I keep banging my head on the budget.  It will just have to be a great excuse for not cooking.  Elle votes for a fancy microwave that is a convection oven but I kinda had my heart set on a conduction range.... which is only several thousand dollars over my price point.


Meeting Number Two was with the flooring guy.

We went with a Mannington laminate wood looking thing for the kitchen and dining room.  Right now I'm saying "Burlwood" but that might change depending on the cabinets.

Resista carpet (in Ship Wreck) for the bedroom and stairs and, hopefully, to redo the living room and other bedroom.  I don't even like carpet but this stuff is soft.

Vinyl for the laundry room, powder room and master bath.  Revolutions... something.  Undecided on the pattern.

Also I learned you can have a chunk of carpet bound for $1.25/ft.  So about $55 for a 10x12 rug (plus cost of carpet of course)... that's a darn good deal... and they had some really cute carpet patterns.


Meeting Number One was with the cabinet dude.  The kitchen layout is, interestingly, EXACTLY like my mom's kitchen.  This pleases her to no end since she designed her own kitchen.  My kitchen is a little shorter and a little narrower and my island is a bit bigger and I have a pantry.... other than that.... same.

I narrowed it to four choices.  I want to-the-ceiling cabinets if we can afford it.

1. mastercraft san pedro alder cabinet doors  What finish?
2. aristokraft avalon maple doors What finish?
3. aristokraft winstead maple doors What finish?
4. aristokraft hickory pioneer doors What finish?

Builder Meeting Number 5,476

Doing an addition is like being pregnant.  You know you should slow down, relax and enjoy the ride because you aren't going to get to do it again.  But.... 

So I met with the builder to pick up the basement plans and get a copy of the upstairs revisions.  All went well and Sweet loved playing with the toys at his office.

He gave me five people to meet with to pick stuff out and get bids going.

I thought about trying to schedule times when Hot could be there as well.  Then I remembered two things. 

1.  Hot is color blind.
2.  Hot just took a new job.

So I scheduled times around my work hours and asap.  Game on.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs

I don't like the grass that comes with Easter baskets.  I don't like it.  It wraps up in the vacuum.  It tangles in the trees.  The dog shreds it.  The cats drag it everywhere.  The baby eats it.  I find it in random places for weeks and weeks.

Basket grass defined my weekend.  Holy Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs, Batman.... it was completely sureal.

It was.... beyond words.  The ham was delicious.  (Although the fact that we had ham because the turkey was still frozen on Saturday morning sort of defines the weekend as well.....)  The kids ended in a sugar coma.  The Easter Bunny brought us a movie about a princess and a frog and we watched it last night.

There was no blood shed in the immediate family but my in-laws were working hard to put the FUN in dysfunctional.  It was a tense and uncomfortable weekend.  Made even more intricate by the fact that I was there for a lot of it with my kids but without my hubby.  Let's face it.... no matter how long you have been married you are still the visiting team for family battles.  No home court advantages here.

All Sunday night Hot kept launching, from nowhere into, "But can you believe.... and end with .... ok, I don't want to talk about it anymore...."  And a bit later he would start again.... it was like watching a car wreck as you slowly drive by.... we couldn't stop analyzing it.

But I didn't say anything stupid and my sweetheart didn't say anything stupid so I'd say we came out of it ok.  Some folks will be sulky, some embarrassed.  No matter.  It is family.  It is what we do.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Miss Clairol


I'm at an "event" last night.  And I hear, "Love your hair.... who does your highlights??"

My highlights?  Well..... my kids.  Since my "highlights" are actually grey streaks....

Still.... one foxy going-grey chick.