Thursday, April 15, 2010


Meeting number three was for appliances.

We are going for the black/silver theme.  The black fridge and white washer/dryer will stay.  New dishwasher and over-the-range microwave (since both of these appliances have up and died on us in the last six weeks.... fate... she speaks.)  The cheapest electric oven I could find..... darn, huh?  I wanted to upgrade but I keep banging my head on the budget.  It will just have to be a great excuse for not cooking.  Elle votes for a fancy microwave that is a convection oven but I kinda had my heart set on a conduction range.... which is only several thousand dollars over my price point.


Christal Anderson said...

Look for sales to replace the oven later; carry the dimensions with you so you can check. Let the salespeople know that you are looking to upgrade and ask when their sales will be. I lucked out and got my dream range top (Wolf SubZero) cheaper than what I was budgeting for (and they said Wolf SubZero NEVER goes on sale – it did at Vanns. I scrimped & saved so hubby couldn’t say we were out of $. Check online prices and see if local will match it.

For conduction, I'm considering getting just one eye that I can set on the countertop by the little bar sink. Then, hubby can boil water for coffee whenever he wants!

Homestead said...

I decided I can't afford to replace all of my cookware right now.... but my next upgrade is going to be a fancy oven.

I love Vann's.