Thursday, April 15, 2010

Builder Meeting Number 5,476

Doing an addition is like being pregnant.  You know you should slow down, relax and enjoy the ride because you aren't going to get to do it again.  But.... 

So I met with the builder to pick up the basement plans and get a copy of the upstairs revisions.  All went well and Sweet loved playing with the toys at his office.

He gave me five people to meet with to pick stuff out and get bids going.

I thought about trying to schedule times when Hot could be there as well.  Then I remembered two things. 

1.  Hot is color blind.
2.  Hot just took a new job.

So I scheduled times around my work hours and asap.  Game on.

1 comment:

Christal Anderson said...

Bravo! It'll zip by & you'll be done before you know it.

My goal this week is trying to get invoices for the last $6K in the construction loan before 4/30. All the doors are on downstairs now & the range hood.