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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Two

Day two of school. Daddy took him. Small, um, discussion over the first day of show n tell. He thought taking his entire bakugan collection was a good idea. Daddy said no. They discussed. They decided to take his cool tractor and talk about his grandpa's farm. His poor teacher.

Tuff is struggling. She really misses her brother. We are trying to find our balance without him around the house. She spends a lot of time with the ipod blaring dancing and singing on the "stage" (the couch) and she plays more with her dolls and stuffed animals. Poor girl.

Sweet handled day one with ease. He even remembers all of the classroom rules. And I remembered to pick him up. Who-hoo. We rock. And we had ham and baked potatoes for dinner to celebrate.

The propane guy came yesterday and the septic pumper guy will come today. His name is Ken and I adore him. What? You don't have a personal relationship with your septic dude? Oh... it's a long story....maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Big "K"

This morning I did one of the hardest things I've ever done.....

I got coffee and DID NOT eat the mini donut that came with it.....

Oh, and I realized I may have to learn to spell "kindergartner" correctly.

Here's the short version:

Tuesday. Open House 5-6:30. Also a "Parent Partners" (PTA) fundraising pizza dinner. Hot had to work so we dropped the girls at Nana's and Sweet and I went solo. We were flying below the radar and cruised in, checked things out, dropped our supplies and blasted out. I had a pile of paperwork (I had been warned by Elle about this). I now have a whole jam-packed file. Ugh. Any suggestions for a really sweet calendar system???

Wednesday. Check-In between 9-12. I checked in. We'd already done doctor records and forms in the spring when he registered so there wasn't much to do.

Then off to the doc for the baby. Shots. Who is dumb enough to schedule 2-month shots the day before the first day of school? Duh.

Then to Famous Footwear to make one last desperate search for size 2 velcro shoes. Shoes that don't look like something a little old man would wear. Here's the deal... by the time you wear a size two the manufacturer assumes you know how to tie your shoes. Ya'll know what I'm like in the mornings.... one more little detail will tip me over the edge.... velcro it is. So the only shoes they have are U-G-L-Y. Lime green and black. So I cruise by the clearance rack and the velcro-shoe-gods shine down on me. There. On the bottom. In a banged up box. Size 2. Velcro. Transformers. Just like the ones he already has!! Hurrah! And only $20. Then home to cuddle a miserable baby all afternoon.

Thursday. The. Day. We got up and got moving and timed thing just right. Grandma called and wished him well. Nana stopped by for a quick hug and encouraging word. Daddy packed his lunch. (Bologna, cheese & mayo on wheat, carrot sticks, pretzels, a granola bar, a special apple juice and, um, some other stuff I did not see.) I need to revisit Elle's post on lunches for motivation. We arrived at school about 8:10 and he headed for the playground and found Zack. (Zack, his real friend as compared to Jack, his imaginary one.) Tuff watched for a while and then couldn't resist joining in.... she loves a slide. The bell rang and off he went running like a demon.... for the wrong door. Daddy got him turned around and he lined up by the green star. Into the class and all was well. They herded the parents to the library for a short bit and then Daddy went to work and Tuff and I headed for the coffee drive-thru for our reward. (Hence the donut challenge noted above.) I think of all of us she took it the hardest. She really, really wanted to see the "doghouse" in Sweet's classroom and go in it. Next time, girlfriend. She was so sad we went to Nana's office for a quick hug... then home.

Blogger refuses to let me attach pictures today. Sorry.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This whole school kid thing is kicking my ass.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Castle

Yesterday morning at exactly 6:28 am a big old pickup and two car loads of boys turned into my drive.

At 6:35 am they were on my roof and shingles were raining down into the yard.

At 6:45 am my son wandered out on the porch all sleepy-eyed and made them all laugh by announcing, "WHAT is going on here?"

At 7:00 am they discovered cedar shakes under the chicken coop roof over the kitchen. Layers of OSB and shakes. Nice.

At 7:10 am they discovered rot on the dormers.

At 7:15 am I called the insurance adjuster and told him we documented with photos.

At 8:00 am their shirts and all the shingles were off.

At 8:15 am the dust was all knocked off every ceiling fan and my brain was starting to rattle so I left for town.

At 1:30 pm I came home and pretended to stain the playhouse/swing set so I could gaze on all that work in progress. Is it wrong to want to sit in the yard with a big old salted-rim and watch work all day?

At 3:28 pm they finished up and drove out of my yard leaving behind some slightly flattened plants, 2 nails in the grass and a new castle grey roof.

Monday, August 24, 2009