Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2, Grade 1

Sweet is already tired of packing a lunch.  Even a super-special pb & powdered sugar sandwich with a magic sprinkle of chocolate chips for the first day wasn't doing it for him.

"But mom, I don't like cottage cheese."

Me.  Blink.  Blink.  This is the child who can eat an entire carton in one sitting.

"But mom, remember, I'm a picky eater."


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The cleaning of the shed continues.  The kids had a costume party at daycare this week and, in an effort to find face makeup for a vampire bat, I brought in (and sorted) the Halloween tub.  It wasn't bad.... I culled it pretty hard last year. 

I'm trying to sort/purge a tub every week.

I thought I had a tub in the shed full of towels I was saving for some unknown reason and I recently made some decisions about towels.... So I went diving in looking for them.

Guess what? At some point in a pregnancy-fueled fit of cleaning I got rid of those towels! I wonder which pregnancy it was? Anyway....
Here's the new improved towel score card at my house. I have one bathroom.... so that makes it easier.
The shed: A tub with a few towels in it. The beautiful butter yellow set that will go with my new bathroom after we remodel and a set of green/tan ones with moose or trees or something on them... brand new and a wedding gift and no real reason to keep them except I'm hoping to pawn them off on my sister later this spring.

The garage: A whole cupboard of towels and rags. Perfect for lining a dog kennel or cleaning bloody knives (What? My husband hunts....).
The laundry room: A gorgeous stack of cleaning rags.
The kitchen: My kitchen towels were inadvertently addressed last year. Leaky sink drain plus whole sink full of bleach water plus kitchen towels stored under the sink equals, well, lots of new rags for the garage cupboard and a renewed commitment to NOT use bleach. I have 4 main kitchen towels plus two Christmas themed ones and three little pink ones (for Valentine's Day and spring). I'd like to add two fall themed ones. Kitchen dish rags are replaced every year at Christmas time. Santa brings my husband new rags.

WAIT.  STOP.  Be horrified by my pink countertops.

Baby washcloths: These live in the drawer with the dish rags. I got a set of really nice ones from Ross in an effort to buy SOMETHING new and special for the baby. Love them. I'll also address baby bibs here. I have way too many. Need to cull this giant pile. I have one plastic one that lives on the high chair and is the one I use the most. (UPDATE:  DONE.  She is 14 months and hates to wear a bib.  Buy more oxiclean and leave her alone.)

Cloth napkins: I have 4 teal-ish blue ones in a holder. We use them every day. I also have a stack of red ones. We use them fairly often. I have 4 Christmas plaid ones that get pulled out and mixed with the red ones at Christmas time.
Wash rags and hand towels: They live in a wooden box on a shelf. They are ratty. There are 4 hand towels and 7 wash rags in rotation. (NOTE:  There are now 3 hand towels (one is in the cat carrier) and 5 wash rags (two were sacrificed to clean up some horrendous mess or another)... and they are ALL getting replaced the next time I find fabulous ones on clearance.)

Beach towels: We have 5 big pool towels on a shelf in the kids' room. They move to a trunk on the porch in the summer. There is also a spare in each car... affectionately referred to as the "Frow Up" towel.... for emergencies of all sorts.

And, finally, the actual towels: My hubby and I each have a towel on a hook, each kid has a hoodie towel on a low hook or the bathroom door (yes, that is an adorable tiny duck bathrobe on the back of my door..... the baby looks like a tiny demented Hugh Heffner when she lounges in it). I also have one of those dorky hair towels. Then we have 5 extra towels for guests.

All towels are swooped up and washed weekly and then hung directly back on their hooks. I don't like to fold towels. Are you horrified we don't use a fresh towel every time we bathe?
Holy Catfish.... who knew a post on towels would take this long to document?
Now I'm off to dream about plush white hand towels.....

Secret Confession: I had a really hard time letting go of some kitchen towels and rags my grandma made for me. But then I thought about what she would say. This was a woman who kept a specially marked "GIVE AWAY" bag in her closet before it was cool. She would tell me to use them up, cherish the memory and move on.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to go back to the "school schedule" routine around here..... class starts on Monday.

Dear Summer.... I will miss you.

6:00 am. The alarm goes off. I have a Spa Clock. Not as relaxing as it sounds.... how relaxing can an alarm clock be?? But I do like the ceiling projection. My alarm is set to the sound of thunder. Why? Because thunder doesn't wake a sleeping baby. And snoozing thunder 6 times doesn't disturb a sleeping husband. Although this morning it was static... loud static... because some small person messed with it. Ahem.
So the alarm goes off. I snooze it.

I drag myself downstairs.  I let the critters out.  I start the coffee and put away dishes in the drying rack.  I let the dog in.  I spend a moment missing my dishwasher.

Then it is off to the shower for me & to unloading the bathroom drawers for Bugsy.  In theory she should stay asleep in bed but she never does. My bathroom routine is, basically, this: scoop litter box, hang jammies on door hook, shower, apply lotions-n-potions (body moisturizer & pit stick), put on my face (let's be real.... tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, curl/mascara, eyebrows... in my old age I've added Boots serum, mascara and eyebrows.... and does anyone have a suggestion for a good high SPF face lotion??), brush my teeth (does anyone else have days when they think, "I don't have time for TWO WHOLE MINUTES with the electric toothbrush"????), comb hair, put on robe (yes, Elle, I'm still wearing the grey fleece robe from 20 years ago....).

I'm working up to cleaning my closet enough that I have just a handful of "go to" work outfits to select from each day....  baby steps.
Stagger to kitchen to see if coffee is ready.  Dork around.... load the washer and set it (via the delay mode) to be washed when I get home from work.  Maybe start the roomba.  Start a project.  Make a list..... whatever it takes to make sure I get off schedule for the morning.
Other things that need to be done that may get done before 7:00: change and dress the baby, pack my lunch, get out daycare bag and put milk in it, pack lunch for the first grader. 
My hubby usually makes Sweet's lunch. Bologna and cheese on wheat, granola bar, pretzels, carrot sticks, apple slices and a peanutbutter cup is the usual.  It's pretty automated.  And I'm not afraid to rely on convenience packaging (although it took me a while to accept it) for things like chips and baby carrots.  I confess that I rinse out baggies and reuse.  I pre-package apple sauce and cottage cheese and canned pears (not all together) in those cool containers you clip an ice pack into.  Oh... look at the cute new kid stuff they have.  I'll wait for it to arrive at Ros.

A few minutes before 7:00 the baby and I go up and snuggle Sweet and wake him up and decide what he wants for breakfast. He then grabs his clothes and comes down in front of the stove to dress. Tuff gets up and does the same around this time.
We are big fans of picking out clothes the night before.
My hubby's alarm goes off at 7:00.

I turn on the Today Show at 7:00 for a few minutes of news while I dress and snuggle the baby and sip coffee.
Then I turn the tv off. This seems to be the key to getting it together in the morning.
My son eats breakfast (I use that term freely.... "breakfast" can be leftover pizza, hot pockets, chicken nuggets....) and brushes and follows his schedule (on the fridge) while my daughter dorks around getting dressed. She usually eats breakfast at daycare.... a lifesaver since getting her to eat breakfast quickly usually ends in one of us crying.
Then I fix her hair and she brushes her teeth.
On cold days, my husband starts my car and brings it to the front door for me..... and tries to nicely remind me to not park so close to the workbench in the garage. :)
Then comes coats and hats and that last minute dash of the morning.
In theory I should be able to leave by 7:30 but it never works that way. You will also notice a lack of regular exercise routine in my mornings.... I'm working on that.
The important mental checklist for the way out the door: coffee, sunglasses, cell phone, car keys.  Usually I have my lunch, work papers, stuff to drop off and lists of things to do already stashed in my purse.

My hubby leaves at 8 with all the kids and drops our son at school and the girls at daycare on his way to work.

On "my" days to drop off I leave at 7:30 and drop the girls first and then Sweet at school a little after 8 and make it to work by 8:15.... in theory.
I'll tell you all about our evening routine next time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowl. Bowl. Bowling.

That's right. I just got all crazy and moved them.


And my dad was at my house and he said he'd never heard of such a thing.... bowls in drawers. And I started spouting "Montessori" and "Ikea" and, secretly, I started planning a post about it.... because what good is family unless they are inspiration for a blog post?

My only regret is I have no before pictures.

So let me back up and talk about the inspiration for this major act of kitchen treason and reorganization.

First, the facts:

1. My kitchen is quite small. Not postage stamp-sized but more like, um, post-it note-sized.

2. I've been thinking about this change since I got new pyrex for Christmas. Lots of new pyrex.

3. Also... new sippy cups. Only 2 new sippy cups.... but with these sippy cups came the realization we have a lot of sippy cups and lidded-drink cups and for the love of catfish, we only have 5 mouths in this house.... WHY do we have so many of them??? I'm all for hydration but this is just silly.

And so it began.

I consolidated two plastic container tubs into one. (And I questioned the need for so many plastic containers...) I put sippy cups into one of the plastic container tubs. (See the photo... those two tubs were plastic containers... now the one on the left is sippy cups) I wiped out the sippy cup drawer and then loaded it with bowls. Not all the bowls (the big white bowls are all still in the cupboard up top) but most of them. Then I shuffled a bit to accomodate the new pyrex. AND ta-da.

Here's what I'm left with:
1. A drawer of bowls (and baby spoons). These are the kid cereal bowls. The vegetables-for-dinner bowls (What? Nobody likes their cheesy-peas to touch their chicken tenders, do they??) and the snack bowls. The baby food bowls. The pack-the-leftovers-for-lunch-with-a-lid bowls (doubling as portion control... like how I built that in there?).

2. A tub of sippy cups... still easily accessed by the little set. (Added bonus: I cleaned out the travel coffee cup drawer.... I know... but believe me, this photo is a huge improvement.... the drawer opens and closes now....)
3. A big cardboard box of randomness. Sippy cups and plastic containers. A fancy Pampered Chef cheese grater, a ceramic garlic cooker, a Velveeta cheese holder (I am not kidding.), and some various odds-n-ends of kitchen life that needed to be retired. I have the box in the shed for the "if you don't need it in 6 months" dumping plan. So far no one has needed anything... you aren't really surprised by that, are you??

4. Follow up. There is always follow up. I'm now hunting for a perfect container to put on the shelf to replace the sippy cup tub.... 14x23x6. It will allow the sippy cups to be less crammed (see photo) together. (Nothing says frustration like a 3-year-old defeated by crammed-together sippy cups.) I'm thinking of cutting down a cardboard box to test that size to make sure it works before I spend any cash.

And I need more of those smaller-sized clear pyrex with the blue lids. 
And me? I'm feeling giddy with power. One kitchen thing done, one thousand to go.

This post is from February or so.  I've lived with the new bowl situation for a while.... and I like it.  I "edited" out a few more sippy cups and decided the white bin was big enough.  But I do need more clear pyrex bowls.... those solid white ones get lost in the fridge... if I can't see what is in them I ignore them.  And those 4 little pyrex ramekins with no lids... fairly useless. 

Emptying the dishwasher (if I had a dishwasher..... but I do have a draining rack....) is a breeze.  All the bowls just plop into that drawer.  So clever.
I wish I had one more drawer.  Then I could stash all the other bowls that are up top.

Next up:  The re-do of my spice cabinet and baking supplies.

The Floor... More

Patching the eleventy-million screw holes.  (Add to the list of thank you's to Hot:  Buying new putty for the floors.. I was going to use the dried up stuff in the garage or wall stuff.)

My NUMBER ONE assistant....

The New Game

It kinda looks like they are doing an earthquake drill but this is the latest game at our house. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking out the Window

Looking out the window.  This is me, looking out the window before I started the REAL coat of paint.  Yes, that last set of photos was just the primer.  So I'm looking out my plastic covered window at Old Trot there.  And the leaning cabin.  And guess what.  I DID NOT OPEN THAT WINDOW.  Big Mistake.  Fumes from oil-based paint.  Ack.  I had no idea.  My house still reaks THREE DAYS LATER.  And, also, the paint is not dry enough to walk across to OPEN a window.  "Dry to light traffic in 24 hours"  MY ASS. 
It went quite well.  I washed the walls.  I took everything out.  I pulled a few staples I missed before.  I spackled floor screw holes.  I spackled wall nail holes.  I dug out the old green paint and fixed the ceiling line.  (THREE coats around the room.)  I touched up.  I ditzed.  I was in heaven.  Then I got out the roller (Thank you, Hot, for taping AND for buying a pole for the roller... yes, we have on in the garage (I call it the push broom handle) but I wouldn't have bothered and it made the job go oh-so-fast.) and I rolled.  One coat.  Much smell.  Baby on hip.  Pictures later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

So I read somewhere that if you aren't sure what to do with a room and you've become visually immune to the clutter..... take a picture.

The following is a series of photos of the bathroom this morning and my thoughts on what is stored where and changes that need to be made.

Does everyone have this odd kind of "stash" spot? Jammies, robes, shirts that need ironing.....

The dresser:  Top big drawer is Bugsy's clothes.  Bottom is Hot's.  Two little drawers contain Bugsy socks and shoes and the other one has a curling iron, a hair straightener, baby lotion and some baby-related items like aveeno soak and moisture stick.  That horse-shoe shaped wooden hook could probably go, couldn't it?  Fairly ugly, right?  The tub toy bin is hanging on it.

The white wood thing with hearts... what can I do with that?  It has some sentimental value but certainly isn't my taste in decor.  Hmmmm.  Also please laugh about the toilet paper situation in our household.  It's in that copper thing with the black lid.  Why?  Because the cats shred it on the roll.  Also... that tp holder needs replacing... U-G-L-Y.

The kid towels (except Sweet's.... for some reason it is over there on the horse-shoe hook)... this doesn't work... too far from the tub and too high for them to get themselves.... these pesky hooded towels hang really long.... I don't want the touching the baseboard heaters.  And, oh, hey... there are the swimmie googles.... I was missing those.

Paint the floor heaters white? Can you do that?  I need ideas for a new shower curtain.  The windowsill holds hand sanitizer, the adult toothbrush bucket and a 3-drawer container for hair pretties and randomness that the cats might steal.  I think I will move that white-curly-q shelf up and put hooks under it for kid towels.... but have to clear the baseboards.  Hmmmm.

Need to move this towel hook over.  And that big wooden expanse is begging for.... something.  And please don't get me started on the sexiness of hollywood lights over the sink.  I need an electrician.

I'm almost pleased with the storage shelves.  Almost.  Need a clever way to store the vitamins and to hide Hot's pit stick and shaving cream.  He culled his hair cut kit and now it all fits in a tub in the back along with his razors and blades.  Notice the classy spare cat pan stacked up on top... it is sealing and protecting the tp stash.... those kitties are shredders.  Also... that's a cat bed up there... than tan thing... and another on top of the laundry basket.  3 wicker bins... jammies for each.  A stack of baby blankets, a potty seat for those "stuck" poopies, and the mop bucket and toilet plunger is stashed in the back of the bottom shelf.  Also... diapers and wipes are stashed in the back of these super-deep shelves.  And, the final count:  7 adult towels (two on hooks, five for guests), 3 hoodie kid towels, 3 hand towels, 5 wash rags.  Finished.

Ugly light fixtures.  Cream ceiling fan.  Ew.

Gross-out.  The trim by the tub came out and, since we were planning to tear down this part of the house, I didn't fix it.  NOW LOOK.  BLACK MOLD.

Drawer shot for Kae.  This will totally gross her out.  Toothbrushes run amok.  Everywhere.  This is the kid tooth drawer.  Ew.  But please note the bottom drawer is EMPTY.  What should I put in there?  Hot had his razors, pit stick and shaving cream in there but he got tired of Bugsy taking them out and wandering around so now his stuff is on the storage shelves.

Under the sink... why do you care?  Because it looks so much better than days of old.

The bottom drawer of no return.  This has a container of bath packets and a contain of salt packets for my nose.... a container of mama hair pretties & mama's fancy makeup.  This needs further culling but, considering how it started, it looks pretty good.

This is mama's drawer.  My makeup in the striped bag.  All the hairbrushes and combs.  (The good brown brush has gone missing again....)  It also appears my pit stick is on walk-about....  I actually found it later in the laundry room... I love you Bug.

Here's a point of chaos in our household... how do YOU organize hair pretties?
I have this box on the shelf.

And clips are all here.... and there are 3 drawers in that jewelry box looking thing on the window sill that house overflow.

But that's a lot of hair stuff to wrangle.

And then there is this cute thing that came in from the swing set (at 6:30am) to give me a grin.  (Note the boo-boo where he ran into the hammock frame with his face.)

The Floor Breakdown

So Hot got crazy this week.  He has two extra days off and he (and Sweet) worked on the swing set.  Then he offered to help me with my floor project.  I said yes.  He took off the trim and cut the carpet (that two walls were built on) back.  He went to Lowe's to buy putty to cover the screw holes in the floor.  He bought $30 worth of stuff we already had and didn't need (rollers, roller base, painters tape, paint pan). 

But when someone else is helping you do something you can't criticize the way they do it, can you?

He taped.  (I never tape.  I know.  Bad girl.)  He primed.  He rocks.

Next steps:  Touch up edges by ceiling, fill nail holes in walls and touch up, touch up by baseboards (with no carpet they might go down lower when we put them back on).  Slap down a couple coats of paint on the floor.  Reinstall baseboards.  Get a rug.  Put in furniture and stuff on the walls.

The breakdown:
Carpet removal:  Free.
Carpet haul out:  Free... sort of... I owe Hot.
Sander:  $20 for 4 hours plus sanding pads.... $37.50.
Floor primer, stain & brush cleaner:  $50 (or so).
Additional things my husband bought that I already had laid out for the project:  $30.
Rug:  Not sure yet.
Other stuff:  Maybe a bookcase.  Some sort of threshhold thingy.  Still not sure what to do with wainscotting... leave it or paint it?  What color?  Also... in the bottom picture below you can see the odd wall thingy that probably was the stove pipe.  Gotta love old houses... or not.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Floor Phase 3

It all started here.  With an idea.  An idea to rid myself of pinkish carpet of questionable cleanliness.  And to make a really cool room....  I won't lie.... seeing that bit of floral goodness in the corner kinda freaked me out. 

And then it looked like this.  I was pretty sure the floor was too beat up and labor intensive to salvage as real wood floors.  But I had to look. 

And, after several hours with a rented sander, it looked like this:

That outline is the pad where the stove sat... I think.  I decided something.  I didn't love it.  I didn't want it refinished wood.  It is soft wood and not terribly gorgeous.  So I'm painting it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The closet at the top of the stairs......

So younghouselove has a post up about closet doors.  Yeah... I got a tough one for you.  The closet at the top of the stairs. 
Let me give you the layout.  You come up the stairs, this closet is at the top, tucked neatly under the eves... so it is deep and slanting.  A rod in the front and shelves in the back.  To the left is the kid bedroom.  To the right is our bedroom.

Do you think I could just invite them over to fix this for me?  It is SO ugly and, well, wood-toned.  Granted... the entire upstairs is frighteningly wood-toned... but we are working up the courage to paint it all white ala this beautiful inspiration at The Lettered Cottage.  But back to the task at hand. 

Options considered:
1.  Removing the horrible peach carpet.  Check.  It is slated for removal after the downstairs bedroom floor is finished.  Hardwood exists underneath. But that would just be.... more wood.
2.  Removing the doors completely.  It would be lovely opened up as a little reading cubby for the kids... stash books in the back and put the bean bag chairs in there.  BUT.... this is a pretty important closet for storage.  I'm working towards making it empty but I'm not there yet.  It houses the vacuum, the little carpet cleaner, some photo albums, my long dresses (our bedroom closets are short and stuffed under the eves) gift-wrap supplies, the boot dryer, various sheet sets, all the table linens, my ski boots, yoga gear and the "days of search and rescue" first aid kit and pack.  It wouldn't be impossible to empty... but a challenge.  Love a challenge.
3.  Paint the doors.  White maybe?  Paint the trim.  Paint something.
4.  Hang a curtain over it.  If ever in doubt... hang a white curtain.  But this is a narrow space... just a doorway wide at the top of a staircase.  Not sure.
5.  Change door styles.  Can't do a regular door.  Can't do a pocket door.  Don't think a sliding door or a cabinet-style door would work.  Need something polished and gorgeous.... but that doesn't shove you down the stairs when you open it.

Ugh.  I seriously think my best option is to clear it out and open it up.  I'll keep the door thingy in the garage in case we decide we can't live without the closet but my new goal will be to find homes for all the stuff in there.... where the HELL am I going to store my vacuum and carpet cleaner??  Sigh.  If I were a strong woman I would only have 10 outfits of personal clothing and I could use the extra space in my closet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Time Again

We bring you a break in deciding floor paint colors and remodeling tales of woe....

It is harvest time.

Yes, late this year.

Hot will be heading north to help my brother for a few days.  The kids and I will miss out this year but my dad has promised my son (MY SIX-YEAR-OLD) a job driving the bale truck for him next summer.

Yes, we all learned early but somehow it is different when it is my baby.....

So for now I'll show you some pictures from years past.....

Monday, August 09, 2010

My life. In a list.

1.  Escape work early, grab Bugsy from daycare, to the doc for shots.
2.  Back to daycare to get the bigs.
3.  Costco.  Pizza, cheese.  Wine, two bottles, big ones, one red and one white.
4.  Load groceries in van in heavy rain storm.  Notice block of mozzarella has big black spots.
5.  No time or energy to unload everyone and trek back into Costco. 
6.  Move pizza-making plans to later in the week.
7.  Home, pizza in, unload groceries, zip around moving groceries to appropriate locations.
8.  Haul out cardboard.
9.  Chill white wine.
10.  Kids fed, me fed, dog fed, cats fed.  Load of laundry in.  Groceries away.  Car emptied.
11.  Nana, Papa and nieces show up for movie night.  Start movie.
12.  Pour wine.  Scoop ice cream.
13.  Sister-in-law shows up.  Pour more wine.  Scoop more ice cream.
14.  Sister shows up.  Unload horses.  Fill water buckets.  Tell sister to patch fence by shed with pallets.
15.  Kids jammied, brushed and bedded.  In-laws head home.  Sister & I sip wine and talk.
16.  Husband gets home.  More talk.  Set up bed for sister in torn apart spare bedroom.
17.  Good night.

1.  Wake to sound of car leaving.  Assume it is husband heading in to work early.
2.  Go downstairs.  Children watching cartoons.  Husband and sister are missing.
3.  Go outside.  Horses are missing.  Look for tracks and sign. 
4.  Realize sister did not go for early morning ride.  Look up at hillside.
5.  See two horses.  Think.  See Subaru driving along road and heading towards two horses.
6.  See sister, in jammies, talking to neighbor and getting two horses.
7.  Go inside to start coffee and make cinnamon rolls.
8.  Husband goes to work.  Go to town to rent giant sander.
9.  Spend several hours sanding.  Sister goes to town to chase cans.
10.  Shower, return sander, go to Lowe's and look at porch and floor paint.
11.  Buy 3 fabric bins on clearance and some cleaner for painted surfaces to be re-painted.
12.  Meet sister at home and eat ice cream.
13.  Make cabernet-braised short ribs.  (Actually... shiraz-braised.)
14.  Send sister to Butte in minivan.
15.  Talk to sister on phone and explain how to hook up ipod to auxillary jack.
16.  Husband comes home and praises dinner.
17.  Eat own weight in mashed potatoes and gravy.
18.  Watch Bugsy eat gravy off spoon of potatoes and then dip it again.
19.  Do dishes.  Curse because cooking makes so many dishes.
20.  Fold laundry.  Scrub wooden floors with nasty cleaner.  Tidy.
21.  Make bed for sister and her hubby in living room on futon mattress.
22.  Go to bed.
23.  Bugsy has a bad night.  End up in Tuff's bed.

1.  Vow to get Tuff a new mattress.
2.  Take aleve for aches and pains from sanding and sleeping in Tuff's bed.
3.  Say goodbye to sister and brother-in-law.
4.  Tackle front section of storage shed. 
5.  Find shoes for Sweet... size 3.
6.  Can't decide what to do with spare blankets and bedding.
7.  Find lots of boxes of craft materials.
8.  Realize cookbooks are silly.
9.  Make tortillas and cheese for lunch and play card games with kids.
10.  Think about taking a nap but put away craft stuff instead.
11.  Try to talk sister into doing cross-stitch so she can have patterns and fabric.
12.  Do decorate-bags project with kids to use up fabric paints.
13.  Make sandwiches for dinner.
14.  Tuff falls off stool and takes out decorated bag.... lands splat on floor.
15.  Put Tuff in tub with scrubbie.
16.  Try to scrub paint off floor and oxy-clean paint covered clothing.
17.  Play more card games.
18.  Put kids to bed.
19.  Decide having futon in middle of living room is not a bad thing.
20.  Read and talk about house ideas with husband.
21.  Clean the toilet.
22.  Go to bed.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010