Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Shit: Moment One. Flowers?

This is me.  Going WTF?  Flowers?  On flooring?  Oh what have I done?

It is Saturday afternoon.  We've had a lovely morning of projects and a nice leisurely lunch at Spring Meadow.  Now everyone is down for naps.  I have an hour.  Let's rip.

Two walls have that sort of yellowy-pine wainscotting half way up. The two inside walls don't (but guess who forgot we built the walls over the carpet... oops... a fresh blade in my trusty sheetrock knife and I was back in business). Paint color is Peaceful Jade by Benny Moore. Ceilings are semigloss white.

Here it is.  Carpet hauled to the dump.  Downstairs bedroom. 

Now what?  The floors are an odd painted shade of reddish and very splattered.  I'm thinking of painting a dark and glossy brown... like melted chocolate.  Then getting a chunk of carpet bound for an area rug.  Something sinfully soft.  What do you think?

What color and what size area rug?  The room is 9x12.


Christal said...

I keep looking at the floor and thinking either strip it and "pickle" it with a stain (light to match the wall color or dark) ... or put down lumber liquidators flooring if the wood isn't in very good shape.

Christal said...

And a soft silk or bamboo rug. Try several smaller ones instead of one big one.

Elle said...

Is that flower stuff tile? Is it up against the wall? I can't get my bearings . . . .

Brown would bring out the knots in the wood paneling . . .

I'm in favor a a nice light shag. Home depot has a great deal on a off-white area shag . . . under $100 --