Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why does it look like a freight train went directly through my house??

I always think I have more time in a 3-day weekend than I really do. 

As is typical, I started more projects than I could finish.... Here's the list I emailed to Hot on Friday:

Projects for the weekend: Survey house room-by-room and decide what to pack up for storage. Work on next phase of swing set. Clean carpets again. Work on escape-proofing the dog pen. Sort stuff in the shed and garage. Recycle cardboard. Find basket for Bugsy’s jammies and clear out spare bedroom. Sort & file paperwork. Set up watering system for flower beds (Can you believe it is July 2 and we haven’t watered the flower beds yet??)

Want to know how many of those things actually got done?  Um.  Two.


Ok... here's what did get done:  Cooking:  meat-on-a-stick (ok, there were veggies as well), steaks on the grill (we need a new grill), rolls (for burgers.... but we ate them all so I have to make more), beans & ham (still need to package and freeze).  Cleaning:  Bathroom is clean (except the shower... I was going to do it this am while I was in it but Bugsy was trying to crawl in with me), Laundry is down to one load and our sheets.  The wind and cold weather are messing with my clothes line.  Spare bedroom is in progress.  I'm trying to decide if I should put the brass full-sized bed frame in there... it would make the space very tight but would give me the option of putting underbed storage for toys.  I got out the next size up clothes for Bug and washed them.... but now I have to figure out how to fit it all in her drawer in the bathroom.... it isn't pretty.  I put her jams in a basket on the bathroom shelf like the big kids but she still has a lot of stuff.... if her FATHER would give up the bottom drawer so she had two drawers my problems would be solved but he thinks he needs it... for what?  I think he is being sentimental... he used to keep his fire clothes in there so he could dress without waking everyone in the house. 

I made a deal with the two big kids....  help me clean your closets and I'll get the little people out of the toy tub in the garage.  We managed to clear a giant laundry basket of clothes out of their room.  Still need to do Tuff's two drawers (summer shirts and summer bottoms) and I left her long-sleeved shirts in the closet even if I think they will be small by fall.  They played little people in the spare bedroom for several hours.  Bugsy would go in, grab a handful of people, and run away as fast as she can... giggling the whole way.  The big kids were not impressed.

I planted iris bulbs and did some retail therapy in the form of storage shelves and a new trim paint brush and lots of paint and flooring samples.  I put all the cardboard in a stack but then realized I might need boxes as I clear out the garage so I didnt' recycle.  Next weekend.  I sorted and purged a few gardening items but I couldn't really get in the mood. 

I put a few more boxes of junk away in the house.... mostly glassware.... I think boxing it all up and then unpacking it is sort of theraputic.  Hot says, "Why not leave it boxed until we really do remodel?" and I'm thinking, "Because it could be years?"  So, to compromise, I'm leaving his glasses boxed up.  That would be the 47 Elk Foundation beer mugs, the giant pilsner glasses we got as wedding gifts and have never used, the 268 "special" coffee mugs and all the rocks glasses.  Ok, not true.... I put the rocks glasses away last night.  We only have 4. 

And, to continue the obsession, we have a lot of wine glasses.  I break them as often as I can but we have a HUGE set of wine and water goblets that all match that were from our wedding.... they take up the whole top shelf... I will break all the wine glasses eventually but we rarely use the water goblets.  We broke both the champagne flutes from our wedding.  We have a set of very sturdy and vaguely ugly wine glasses from our wedding night.  A set of smaller glasses with cobalt blue on them that are a nice smaller size.  And 4 GIANT glasses with painted flowers.  Beautiful and drunk.  A half-bottle of chilled white will fit in one.  A set of very sturdy glasses from Target that I let the kids use sometimes.  And I have a set of gorgeous crystal goblets a friend gave me.... with a long sentimental story behind them.  She also gave me a set of 8 "juice" glasses that are teal and amethyst footed glasses with a special grape pattern on them that reminds me of my grandma.  And a set of tiny vodka-drinking glasses.  And a set of champagne flutes.  And margarita glasses.  And that isn't counting regular drinking glasses and coffee cups.  Oh my.  So much glassware and only one mouth.

I remember when I only had 3 wine glasses and none of them matched. 

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Elle said...

I have three wine glasses. And they do match. Blue. That's it.

I'm impressed. You were super productive. I moped around thinking about you.

xoxox Elle