Thursday, July 29, 2010

I couldn't leave it alone.

Because you knew I couldn't leave it alone without looking.... looks like maybe primer under reddish paint?  Is it fir?  I think it is fir.  I'm voting fir.

I'm having a rug made (so much cheaper than buying) by getting a carpet remnant bound.... looking at carpet this weekend.  So, in theory, I really only have to clean up about 18" all the way around the edges... then cover the rest with carpet. 

What do you think?  Wood floors plain or painted?  Hmmmm.  What I really want is wood floors plain with the pine wainscotting painted bright white.  Is that a cardinal sin to paint wood white? 


SarahP said...

Yes, it's a cardinal sin to paint wood, but if that's the look you're going for, I say do it! It's not like you're painting your grandma's heirloom vanity or something.
I think the painted floor idea is really cool.

Caroline said...

My husband is a carpenter. He put gorgeous, wide oak trim and base in our home. It would be spectacular painted instead of stained, but apparently it is a cardinal sin. I say go for it. It will make a great project later to sand it back to natural!

Christal said...

It's not a sin. Do it if you want to!

Put a piece of sheetrock in front of it first. Decide if you like the light color.

I really like wood stained with other colors lately. It's got kind of an old country feel… Maybe you could use your Peaceful Jade for a wash on the wall panels. Or look at some of the deck stains at Lowes... … a simple design maybe for the floor?

... This is a bonus. I was looking online for the built-in extra storage book I know I have in a box somewhere in the shed… and ran across this and thought this style bunk bed might be something to try for your girls when they are older.

Elle said...

Oh, holy cow. I pink puffy heart that. Sand, baby, sand. Need a partner in crime? Tickets are still cheap . . . . I'm really good with power tools. Seriously. It's on my resume.