Thursday, July 01, 2010

Next Project

Well... I have some ideas for the arrowhead display.  But the honest truth is I will probably pack it up and store it before I get to it. 

To the question... are the fires really that bad there?  No.  Not yet.  But we had a wet spring so all the grass and undergrowth is big and drying.  And we have lots of red beetle-kill trees.  And I have a husband who will be at work if the fires are burning and three kids to think about.... so we decided the prudent thing would be to have everything all simplified so if there is an evacuation I can grab the kids, the dog & the cats and get out quickly without worrying about taking anything with me.  I'm buying a second external hard drive and I'll keep everything I have scanned and all of my pictures on it at my office.  That's the most important stuff to me.  I'm slowly but surely scanning older photos into the computer so there are fewer old albums to worry about grabbing.  This weekend I will re-video everything for insurance purposes.  Our insurance agent will keep a flash drive at his office with our video and images on it... so I need to snap pics of computer id's and other things.... all in the name of making my life easier should the shit hit the fan in a real way.

But... the point of this post.... since I won't be working on the arrow head project any time soon.... what do you think of this for a project?  It's the ceiling fan in our room.  Hideous, yes?  Although the paneled ceiling looks much less "yellow pine" in this particular picture.  This was snapped when we first moved in....  I'm thinking:

1.  Change out the glass covers.  (But to what?  And keep in mind it has those swirly-q bulbs in it now.)
2.  Paint the base.  (Silver?  White?  Black?)
3.  Paint the fan blades.  I did the ones in the kids' room navy blue.... mostly because I had some spare navy blue spray paint after my sister did a pair of rodeo queen boots.  What color?  The same color as the walls will someday be?  (I like "smoke" by Benny-Moore.)
These are the other light fixtures in our bedroom... but I kinda dig them.  I think if the bases were painted black/white/silver it would be better.
This is the bedroom in general.  Although that random calendar is off the wall now... WTF?  Obviously Hot saw a spare nail in the wall and couldn't leave it alone.  So you can see there are, basically, only two walls in the bedrooms.

Oh and here's a sneak peak at what is under that ugly peach carpet... I think it is fir.  (Forgive me the milk carton boxes in my closet... I took this when we were packing things up because we thought we were doing a major remodel... I think those boxes were candles and breakables I didn't want to pile in the shed in case they melted.

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