Monday, June 07, 2010

Arrow Head Displays

So, now that we are, once again, NOT destroying half of our house or remodeling.  It has been decided by the powers-that-be (me) to do some minor house fixes.  So.  Project One.  Hot has these really cool arrowheads.  But the display.  The display is an old gold document frame with some spongy stuff in it.  Lovely.

And it sits propped on the corner of the bookshelf.  We need some serious help here.  One.  What's a cool way to display this stuff?  Think modern vintage now.  (Keeping in mind it must also be semi-portable... this is one of the things I would grab if the woods were on fire.)  And, Two.  Where to display it?

AND 3, before you ask... it is the button of a shed elk antler.  (the thing next to the frame)


Christal said...

Depending on where you are going with the area you are displaying them, there are a couple of things that you could play around with.

It seems that with the varying thicknesses in the arrowheads a shadow box would work well. But do you want to go with more of a rustic look or academic look? Academic would be plain black frames, cream or white mats. See links.

Rustic, you could use something to bring your mind back to “Indian artifact”, so a piece of an old horse blanket, suede, leather scraps (deerskin or some light weight/thin leather), or glue sand on a mat board. Glue dots would probably hold the arrowheads well.;jsessionid=0000gYQcEpuqKhqcptZBP7bK9lO:13ddpq53l?cm_mmc=Mercent-_-Google-_-Tape_and_Adhesives-_-544822

Or you could tie the arrowheads on with leather strips (like they were tied on to the arrow shafts). Probably need to raise the mat up a bit from the back and instead of knots just glue gun the strips to the back. Do you know any 4H archers? Broken arrow shafts / feathers to go with the arrowheads?

Play around with different layouts, circles, triangle, arrowhead shape, etc.?
This is one of my favorites. Do you have an idea where hubby found them? Maybe put a US Geological Survey map in the center of the shadow box with an india ink star or circle identifying places and a list attached to the back with more detail like years found? (If he’s one of those guys who remembers everything.) Different designs for layout Pretty color arrangements This is what made me think of sand.

Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist By C. G. Yeager This might be a good gift if he’s still into collecting arrowheads or one to check out from the library?

Please show us what you end up doing.

Elle said...

How about a clock? You could mount the arrowheads in some sort of pattern to represent the numbers & purchase clock hands from the craft store . . . . Clock hands are independent, so you could do a really big display as a focal point & place the arrowheads directly on the wall . . .

SarahP said...

We've got a cool map as written by Lewis and Clark and framed in barnwood. The arrowheads might be cool around the mat of the map...the tie in, of course, is that you are in L and C's area.

I think the clock is a really neat idea...I've got an antique jar full of 'heads and chips we've found on our ranch, so I just may have to steal that idea!

I remember once seeing a mobile/suncatcher thing made out of arrowheads, prisms, and antique beads. It was cool in a big window.