Monday, June 14, 2010

Surviving the Weekend

Exhausted.  Wow. 

Let's just make a list about the last week, shall we?

Tuesday:  Panel meeting for work.  Very busy.  Very stressful.
Wednesday:  Last day of school.  Noon release.
Also Wednesday:  Leave for Miles City.  Take mom (or "The Governess" or "The Nanny") to care for Bugsy.
Thursday:  More panel meetings.  More busy.  More stress.  Hot drives over with the two big kids.
Friday:  Council meeting.  More busy.  More stress.  Long, long days.
Saturday:  Travel to Glendive EARLY.  Go fishing.  Dork around.  Take a well-deserved nap.  Get kids gorgous to be flower girl and ring bear.  Rawr.  Survive lovely wedding.
Sunday:  Drive home.  Making strategic stop at Wally-world in MC to purchase new dvd player, more Scooby Do dvds & an ipod charger.  Get home and start doing laundry like a maniac.
Monday:  Work.

At this point I figure I just have to make it to the weekend so I can rest.  Me and a giant coffee drink will be fine for work, right?  So.  Much.  To.  Do.

But I'm so happy we aren't preparing to hit our house with a trackhoe tomorrow.  Gads.  What was I thinking?


Elle said...

Gads. No wonder you've been incommunicado.

Christal said...

I'm glad you're glad that there's no backhoe coming by tomorrow.

Hope the kiddos appreciated the stop & new entertainment (& that you are all safely home.)

SarahP said...

DUDE. Should have called me up! I was probably at the Wally world same time you were! Hope you had fun in my neck of the, prairie.