Monday, June 21, 2010

Resolution Update

Elle is posting resolution updates.  I originally posted this on Thursday, January 07, 2010
I'm following her format here.

A. Healthy Diet. We are eating our way through the Christmas gift candy. In the great kitchen overhaul project I tossed several giant bags of, um, is it Halloween candy?? I don't know and it doesn't matter because it is gone now. I'm focusing on eating a little healthier every month without denying myself. I gave up freakin' sugar for 6 weeks in 2009 (not shedding a single pound I might remind you) and if I can do that, well, just call me Wonder Woman. So my healthy diet goal is: Eat until you are full, not until you are tired.
Eh.  Why is this always everyone's first resolution?  Stupid.  I've been eating very carefully for the last six months and.... I've gained five pounds.  WTF?  Maybe I need to re-think this and just resolve to move more to drop the pounds? 

B. Getting rid of the stock up stuff. I figure if I moved it into this house from the old house it is now 5 years old... toss it. That's my current standard. Also ditching interesting items dumped on me by various family members.... (Mom, don't think I didn't notice the stuff you slipped in my take-home box last week....) And I purged a giant box of kitchen stuff... who knew my tiny kitchen could even HOLD a giant box of kitchen stuff? How many sippy cups do you really need anyway?  Can we talk about spices?  I have a spice container that says "King Soopers" on it... do you know what that means?  I probably bought the spice in college 20 years ago.  I think it can go... although I may toss the spice and refill the canister... just for the memory.....  Also... 1999 expired bactine.  Random shout wipes, alcohol swabs and antibacterial wipes (long since expired) that are in the glove box.  Gone.  An unfortunate intestinal incident led to the depletion of our soon-to-expire immodium stash... so that's all fresh and updated.  I've also changed my buying habits for certain things.  Buy the 20-tab size with a dollar off coupon at CVS instead of the 200 tab two-pack at Costco.  Cheaper and less chance of expiration....  As I toss a bottle of advil that expired many years ago AND for some reason tastes vaguely of soap. 

C. Purge negativity. Uh-huh. Actually, I'm feeling pretty negativity free in people in my life. I should count that as a blessing.  Or is it a lack of people in my life in general?  Who cares?  It works.

D. Seeing a doctor? I just saw my doctor... he was at Costco shopping with his son. Although I do promise to consider getting a colonoscopy sooner rather than later based on family history.  I saw a doctor... several times.... for a stubborn sinus infection.  And I'm set to get a health screening (the free one) in July... but I added on some tests for extra money....  just in case there is something wrong with my thyroid and it isn't just that I'm a lazy fat hog.  Also... I was going to go to the doc and get my vit D levels tested... but I'll just take a supplement instead.

E. Knitting. I wish I was better at knitting. I also wish I knew how to digital scrapbook. Maybe that will be my next goal.... learning to digital scrapbook.  Heh, heha... yeah.  No progress.  I am still plodding along trying to sort and label digital photos.  And I'd really like to scan some old photos and trash the photo albums but I'm not that brave just yet.  I also discovered I somehow trashed all of my 2003-2004 emails that I'd saved to use to make Sweet's baby book.  So if anyone has email from me from that time period... please send it to me.
F. I will see my family several times this year. And I will go to a 100 year celebration for the town I graduated high school.  The celebration is next weekend.  I'm trying to figure out ways to get out of going.

G. Grow my garden? How about I resolve to pull the grass in my flower beds. And I resolve to brush my dog's teeth because he is old and deserves some extra love.  I dug the grass up.  It looks fantastic and loved.  I also reduced the number of pots of flowers.  So pleased.  Dog teeth... check.

H. Money. I make money resolutions weekly, don't I? I resolve to determine, once and for all, if we can afford to remodel and add on. And I resolve to put double money in the kid college funds this year. And continue our goal to have the house paid off in 8 years. And continue putting $75 per month into a special secret account to be spent on the unglamorous items in life... like a new dishwasher and new carpet. And I refuse to freak out about the new higher price of daycare.  Check.  You've all been on this wild remodel ride with me.  And the rest is going pretty much according to plan.

I. Finding a position that lights my fire? My goal for 2010 is to just maintain. I just want to maintain this level of serenity and organization. I'll look for fire next year. Next week I start back with 5 days a week in the office. Total dread. Complete and total dread.  Working full time in an office sucks.  I know my perfect world and I'm not quite in it. 

J. I will love my childen even if two-thirds of them sleep in my bed every night.  Tuff just informed me she will stop sneaking into our bed when she is 16.  She wants to get her ears pierced.... there should be a bargaining chip in there somewhere, shouldn't there?
K. I will baby proof the house for Bugsy. And I will not put those goofy baby girl headbands on her head.  Success.  Although her hair is getting long in front and she does sometimes sport a Pebbles-style pony on top.  And I baby proofed with zip ties, outlet plugs, plugged-in thing covers, a few eye-rings, and a lot of de-cluttering.
L. I will play loud music and dance with Tuff. Oh, and I will teach her to do a headstand.  Also... I will get her started in dance or gymnastics classes.
M. I will play legos with Sweet. And I will honor his wish to only wear Wrangler jeans.  Check.... Also I will gut it up and play Stratego with him.... even if I don't EVER win.

N. I will try not to nag Hot. And I will support his attempts to drop weight.... even if it means I don't get to eat pasta for the next 365 days which might kill me.  He lost a lot of weight... too bad I found it.

O. I will continue to add little bits of working out into my days.  And I will continue to be frustrated when it doesn't pay off in big blobs of fat dropping off on the side of the road.

N. I plan to do one fun family thing every month. January: rodeo on the 17th and dinner somewhere fun after. February: Um, I'm already out of ideas.   Score.  We've had some really good times... including kayaking yesterday.

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