Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bugsy has a Birthday

It's official.  You are one.  We had the first celebration on Sunday.

We had dinner (lunch to those of you who don't live on a farm) for your birthday.  We were at the farm for the 100 year celebration.  Auntie W & Uncle J were there with Cousins C & Sarge.  (I'm protecting the name of the human cousin but I figure no one will stalk the dog cousin, right?)  Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandpa.  Great-Auntie A was there. 

Ham, mashed potatoes & broccoli were eaten with wild abandon.  You LOVE mashed potatoes... also, possibly we've discovered the secret to your smooth skin... potato facials. 

Here's a secret... the cake was actually leftover wedding cake from Auntie C & Uncle J's wedding.  So it was like they were there in spirit.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.  We even had the big #1 candle.  Tuff helped you blow it out.  You loved it.  You do love a good carrot.  And you are a connoisseur of good frosting... just like your mother.

There were a few presents.... a beautiful new down hot pink coat from Grandma and some cute new summer clothes.  Mama got you Elmo in Grouchland.  Because baby.... I've seen that attitude and I think you might need it.  Sweet & Tuff got you a starry night turtle.  You like to bite his head and pat his hard plastic shell.  More gifts will follow.... since this is just the first of several small celebrations.  Mama and Daddy will put a little something in your college fund as is the family tradition for first birthdays.

I spent most of the afternoon thinking about where I was at that exact moment one year before.... your birth was by far the most relaxed of the three.  And you were just so perfect when you were born.  You still are.  You are a delight and a blessing and your mama loves you very much.

Things you know how to do:

Walk.  Like a maniac.  Or more like a zoombie.  All over the place.
Bob your head.  This is new.  I have no idea where it comes from.  It makes you look like a very agreeable small chicken. 
Big girl car seat.  You are still rear-facing (still only 20 pounds) but you are into the bigger car seat as of a few weeks ago.... you stayed in the bucket seat much longer than your siblings. 
Teeth.  You have 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  You are a very easy teether so far. 
Ice cream & spaghetti.  You love ice cream and spaghetti.  The best.
Water bottles.  You love to drink from a cup, a straw, a camelbak.  You love sharing water.
Talking.  You say eat, uh-oh & something that indicates Sweet & Tuff.... You also go "ew-oh" in this high pitched and questioning tone that really is a question.... it's the first steps towards please... I hope. 
Toys.  You love the remote and the telephone and the m&m puzzle.  You also like to take random articles of clothing and stroll around the house with them... often on your head.  You like to pet Gunnar and Mox and Chili.
Climbing.  You climb like a tiny monkey.  We've invested in eye bolts and zip ties to keep you from pulling everything over on yourself.  Up on the stool and onto daddy' recliner.  Up the stairs.  You just figured out you can squeeze through the side of the stairs and cicumvent the baby gate.... so we will be re-babyproofing that later this week.

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