Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Time Has Come

My husband informed me we need to start planning to get a storage unit for later this month.


The wet, wet spring and the dead, dead trees and the odd, odd weather.

He's predicting a wild fire season this year.

So I'm trying to do this the right way this time.  No cramming and stuffing of the minivan at the last minute.  We are going to do this the correct way.

We will make a list.

Lists are always appropriate.

What would you take out of your house and put in storage if a fire was a possibility?

The obvious:
Paperwork:  The birth certificates & marriage licenses.  Passports.  Insurance documentation.  Baby books.  Love letters from my husband.  I'm going to work to contain and limit the  paper memorabilia to a few plastic tubs and see where that gets me. 
The computer hard drive and the computer.  Screw the printer.
A box of glassware.... some random knick knacks and things that are sentimental. 
My envelope of $2 bills. 

Ok at this point I start to be at a loss.....  so I go room-by-room.

So I'm still not sure.  I've heard people who evacuate are always horrified when they come home and see things they didn't take.  So I guess I'll pack up and see what comes of it.


Elle said...

Scan all your papework.

It's THAT bad??? Is his firefighter crystal ball in overdrive or is he becoming an arsonist?

Homestead said...


The wet spring means tall grass and lots of undergrowth that will dry out and be good fuel. Plus the dead beetle-kill trees.... if a fire gets started it could be a real ripper and he wants everything packed and out so if a fire starts we just have to get ourselves and pets out....

M&Co. said...

And a storage unit won't burn?