Tuesday, March 05, 2013


My sister loves this site for her fabulous actions.

I love her for all the posts about cute lunches.

The lunches are adorable but also doable.  I love Biggie and her bentos but her food is complicated.  These lunches are cute and simple.  And actually stuff my kids would eat.  And actually stuff I might have on hand.  (Ok, true, I haven't had raspberry bushes since we moved to this house and kids don't eat chokecherries.... so maybe not all garden-fresh... but.....)

Yes, I entered to win the Planet Box lunch box... because that is one AWESOME and EXPENSIVE lunch box.  My middle child would love it.

My middle child.  The tuff one.  My darling Fifi.  She adores all things small and cute.  Her idea of super exciting is sandwiches cut into little rounds.  Imagine what she would do with cucumber slices in the shape of her name. She adores lunch box notes.

Time too pinterest for inspiration... and maybe finally buy those alphabet cookie cutters I've been eyeballing for years.