Paint and Source List

All the cool blogs do it.  A list of paint colors and sources for awesomeness.



Kitchen and Dining Room:  Benny Moore's Nantucket Gray (Gray or Grey?  I spell it grey but Ben M. spells it gray.) and Ladyfinger.  I think the finish is flat. 

Bathroom:  January Dawn by Olympic.  I think I might have color matched it to a different brand and a kitchen and bath paint.  I almost passed on this color because who wants to get ready and put on makeup in something as dreary as a January Dawn.  Well... apparently they weren't living in a northern state when they named this color because it is lovely.  It looked so great I even did the ceiling.

Second Bathroom:  Oh, wait, we don't HAVE a second bathroom... but I am planning to re-stain the porch this summer.....
Downstairs bedroom:  Peaceful Jade by Benjamin Moore in pearl finish.  (It now has a different name... can't remember.)  Bright glossy white ceilings.  Brownstone (Valspar?) from Lowe's.... oil-based glossy porch and floor paint.

Living Room:  Peaceful Jade and Ladyfinger both by Benny Moore.  Part of the living room is still the original paint.... I think it is antique white.

Laundry Room:  Palladian Blue by Ben Moore.

Upstairs Bedrooms:  Not sure yet but leaning towards Smoke by Mr. Moore.  Or Valspar’s Carolina Inn Club Aqua.... the name is a mouthful but the color swatch looks great.  Both of these rooms have those odd wood ceilings and two walls.... so only two small walls to paint in each room.....but.... the walls are wallpapered and it goes under the trim.  Oh my.  There doesn't seem to be anything behind it but board.  So I'm thinking of doing some sort of sealing primer and painting over it.  I'm procrastinating.....

Upstairs Kid's Room:  The pirate cave is bright glossy white with a navy ($1 oops paint) ceiling.  I'm working my way around the room painting closets & shelves bright glossy white.  One down.... 3 to go.

Ceilings... the ones that are done are ceiling white.