Friday, September 29, 2006

Stressed Out

This week Hot Stuff quit chewing & Sweet Boy gave up his paci at bedtime. The only way the XY's in our house could get any more uptight is if the dog gives up his milk bones.....

Meanwhile I'm considering taking up serious recreational drinking just to be around them.....

Miss Seuser would be proud.....

The only reason I didn't have a perfect 4.0 in Junior High was Home Economics with Miss Seuser. (Side note: She later died from inhaling fumes from mixing cleaning chemicals.... something she always warned about....) Can you imagine why?

The photo doesn't do them justice... these were really beautiful calzones. I'm teaching my sister to make some simple recipes to impress her boyfriend. Hah!

For some reason my husband wasn't as impressed with these as he was with the chicken pot pie that said, "Go Steelers!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A weighty issue....

A month ago I was bragging about being down to 158.... yeah, still at 158.

Heavy sigh.
Internet- I need some technical advice. I'm having some flash issues. (Not flasher-issues.... gutter mind.) I like to use the macro setting but if I use the flash I get this: And if I DON'T use the flash I get this:

Where's the happy medium between over-exposed & too rosy?? (And OH MY GOD can you not just fall in love with those blue-blue eyes & that adorable smile??)

See Mama, I snugglin' her.

So I was thinking how lucky I am to have a "big" boy who undertands how to be careful with the baby.... and I look over to see this: Doesn't the look on her face just say it all? Welcome to the rest of my life.....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Nadine Update

Hi all,

Nadine went in yesterday to begin her 5th and final round of chemo. The doctors decided this would be the last round and it is a 2/3 dose again (same as round 4). She got a scan yesterday and that was clear so that is positive. After this week is the tough part, the waiting game. She'll go every two months for scans to check for any tumors returning. Continue those prayers!!!

From a friend of Nadine's

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eddie Bauer

Dear Eddie-

I love you. I forgive you for that, ahem, unfortunate incident with the ink tags. Remember? When the sales person left the ink tags on the cute vest & fleece jacket my mom got me for Christmas at the store in Spokane? And then when my mom calledthe store the sales person told her, well, basically, "tough bananas." And by the time we found a store with the same ink tag remover it was MONTHS later and I was WAY too pregant to wear the clothes..... and I said I would swear off your clothing forever.....well, I forgive you.

Why? What could change a mind as stubborn as mine?

Boot-cut, stretch, dark denim jeans.... size 10 long.

I would marry these jeans..... I sleep in them, they are so sexy and fit so well.....

And LONG. Almost too long. Really. Eddie, how could you? ALL of your jeans now have 2 inches more in the inseam and the Longs have 2 inches more than that..... I always thought I wanted MORE than 4 inches but, Eddie darling, you've prove to me it truly isn't the length but how you use it.....

I will admit I'm not as impressed with your "tall" pants.... they are longer in the legs but also longer in the rise.... and those of us with freak legs and short little tiny bodies just don't NEED that length in the rise.... but keep doing that thing you do with the "long pants" and we will continue to have a hot and torrid love affair.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ok, quick. What does this picture tell you about me?? (And check out my new Adirondack chairs on the deck!!)