Thursday, March 26, 2009


My son has learned to fib. He was sick last week and stayed home with daddy. This means movies all day and lunch on a tray in the living room..... that kind of sick. So this week he's been complaining of tummy troubles.... but as soon as I say, "Ok, you can stay home in bed but no tv....." he magically gets better.

The really funny one is when he uses one of MY lines on me. "Oh, mom, I ate too much and my tummy is over-full. I need to sit down and rest a minute."

I say that, oh, daily, these days.... it would be my baby-complaint of the day for today.... feeling either stuffed or starving. 10 bites of food and, if I don't stop eating, I will feel stuffed. But 15 minutes later I'm starving again. And, seriously, if that's my biggest complaint.... things are going well, right?

I did the glucola test. So I must be 26 weeks. I don't mind that orange drink stuff. It isn't bad. It isn't great.... but it isn't bad. I love the crazy baby antics from drinking that stuff... although I dread the sugar-crash a little while later. But I had a granola bar. I was ready. And I got pink coban wrap at the lab. Good times.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can I blame this on the breakup of Ma Bell?

Lord help me. I'm nesting. I'm nesting in ways I didn't know I could nest.

Today. It's the phone book's fault.

We got a new phone book.

This triggers a series of "begats" that would make your head spin. (You know..... begats.... like in the bible.)

The new phone book begat a recycling of the old phone book.
Which begat a transfer of the random numbers written on the cover of the old phone book.
Which begat a collection of the random phone number in various locales around the house.
(Like the fridge calendar, the emergency phone list in the phone book, the work call lists, the notepad in the silverware drawer.)
Which begat an update of all these lists and a consolidation into one list.
Which begat a search for a new smaller binder clip because the phone book has to be bound down or it gets all fraggledy in the drawer and the drawer won't shut... but the new phone book is larger and thinner so needs a smaller clip than the old square chubby phone book.

So here I am with a very tidy phone book drawer, a very tidy phone book and phone list and a very tidy fridge calendar and updates of all important phone numbers in ALL THREE cell phones.

The rest of the place looks like Kansas-in-the-time-of-Dorothy but, by the power of Grayskull.... the phone numbers are organized.

Who the HELL has a phone book in their house anyway? Seriously. Google. Join the new millennium people. I horrify myself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where is the milk?

Do you keep your batteries in the refrigerator?

What about nail polish... where does it live in your home?

Mayo or Miracle Whip? And regular, low-fat or fat-free?

Do you keep butter in the fridge or at room temp?

Do you have lard in your fridge? Margarine? Something else?

What is your opinion of spray butter?

Do you save ketchup/mustard/mayo packets?

What is the oldest identifiable object in your refrigerator?

Do you baking soda your fridge?

How much pop is in your fridge?

Do you say pop, soda or something else?

Do you have a second fridge in the basement or garage?

What do you do with old refrigerators?

Do you store eggs in egg cubbies in the door?

Where is the milk?