Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby Likes Food

So I got my daycarista in "trouble" this week.

She's state-licensed which means the state inspectors visit her. This week the inspector informed her she needs a written eating plan for the 8+-month-old (that's my daughter). Pretty tough to do since she's breast-fed and, last I checked, my tits don't have an ounce-gauge printed on the side. She also, ahem, doesn't eat baby food.


Well, I supplement her with purchased baby food at home if, say, the meal I've prepared (and I use those terms "meal" and "prepared" so loosely....) is missing something or is something she can't eat. Like the lunch we had fried egg and bacon sandwiches... she had toast and baby food from a plastic tub.... because, much as I love her, she doesn't get fried eggs or meat.... yet.

But the girl prefers to feed herself and she prefers to eat what everyone else is eating.... and who am I, parenting the path of least resistance, to say no?? Besides... it makes us eat better. She only has two teeth so the babyfood grinder gets a workout and she likes to "feed herself" so sometimes it is messy. (I can't wait for spring so I can take the high chair outside and just hose it off....) But, really, we mostly eat things she can have.... tortillas, noodles, sweet potatoes, corn, apples, cooked carrots, cottage cheese, yogurt, smooshed peas, grilled cheese, graham crackers. So far I haven't found anything (including green peppers) that she won't eat.... I don't eat bananas but she loves them mushed up. I haven't figured out how to give her "salad" type stuff yet but she loves ground up steamed spinach.

So different from her picky "I-won't-eat-a-bean" brother.

I will write a "letter" to put in the diaper bag noting her general eating habits and "plan" to satisfy the state inspector but it got me wondering.... how do other people feed their kids?

So do/did your kids eat a lot of purchased baby food? When did you stop giving them the jar/tub stuff? What were your big worries? Any great recipe suggestions?

Monday, March 26, 2007


3 creative kid projects for the weekend.
1. Made flubber (thanks for the recipe Elle)
2. Made a fort out of a cardboard box
3. Hauled some dirt in a plastic dump truck (What? Not creative, I know.... but it beats telling you we made a volcano in the toilet bowl (vinegar & baking soda) and then scrubbed it....)

3 movies we watched this weekend.
1. Holiday (cutesy & a definite stretch... but worth it for Jack Black's eyebrows)
2. Everyone's Hero (adorable and the "About Chris" (Reeves was a director) piece was lovely)
3. Catch a Fire (OH. MY. Thought provoking and well done. Love Tim Robbins even if Hot Stuff doesn't appreciate his politics and peta....)

3 things I cooked this weekend.
1. waffles. yummy, vanilla waffles
2. fried egg & bacon sandwiches
3. Guinness pot roast (with lovely sweet potatoes, onions & carrots soaked in the broth)

3 places I went this weekend.
1. Target (to get glue for the flubber)
2. the grocery store (alone... it was like a trip to the spa)
3. Kid Fest (bouncy houses and demos of stuff.... fun but I was offended by the expense of all the 3-minute runs at the bounce houses and super-slide.... it was worth it to see the giant grin on Sweet Boy's face.... but a trip to the park would have been cheaper... And it made me miss Elle and our excellent workout at the Bouncy place in Colorado....

3 things I didn't do but had on my list.
1. Go for a walk (busy or lazy on Saturday and rainy on Sunday)
2. Go to the swimming pool
3. Mop

3 things I did just for myself.
1. Worked in the flower beds... just pulling grass & planning
2. Read (Still slogging through The Fiery Cross.. and still amazed fiery isn't spelled firey....)
3. Sipped Crown Royale while chatting with my husband

Friday, March 23, 2007

What the???

Legislative Update

I think the legislative schedule should be:

Jan 1: Convene.
Jan 2: Have a token house & senate session. Take some pictures. Have a potluck.
Jan 3: Deconvene the session.
Jan 4: Free Conference Committee.
Jan 5: Everyone go home.

Seriously. The way this session is working out everything is going to be decided by 6 individuals (2-3 of whom I truly believe might benefit from HB5's building program at Warm Springs... they are that certifiable) during Free Conference Committee at the end so why bother with the whole process part?

Just keep watching.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

26 things... because I haven't thought of 40 yet...

1. Put new batteries in watches. DONE.
2. Take paperwork to safety deposit box.
3. Drop off boxes of donations at Good Sam’s. DONE.
4. Recycle plastics (March 3-8). DONE.
5. Plant basil seeds. WHO AM I KIDDING? IT IS STILL WINTER.
6. Paint kitchen window frame blue. (LATER... I HAVE TO TAKE IT APART.)
7. Clean pantry and donate anything we will never eat.
8. Set up budget in Quicken. DONE.
9. Prepare black & white baby photos with photoshop. DONE.
10. Print, frame & hang baby photos. DONE. Dollar Store frames and SO ADORABLE.
11. Clean craft drawers and donate unused items.
13. Make brownies. DONE.
14. Watch Bare Escentuals dvd and learn how to use new makeup.
15. Vacuum the car. DONE.
16. Hem closet curtains.
17. Fix baby-proof cabinet lockers in kitchen.
18. Find a perfect new diaper bag for daycare.
19. Label photos & put in albums.
20. Mail package to Elle.
21. Do a “photo shoot” of kids.
22. Help Sweet Boy paint rocks for the garden.
23. Put up baby gates. DONE.
24. Bleach white tea towels or toss them. DONE.
25. Get estimates for putting a wall in the living room (to make a bedroom).
26. Work on baby book.

On dirty floors

Do you ever put a used dryer sheet on the baby’s round little belly and call her “mini-swiffer” while she rolls around the kitchen?

Have you ever used a golf ball cleaner to clean muddy shoes?

Sunday my son was on his back on the kitchen floor flapping his arms & legs…. When I asked what he was doing he said, “Making angels.”

Is anyone else seriously confused when they drop baby food on the floor at someone else’s house and the dog isn’t there to clean it up? How do you people keep your floors clean??

Have you ever used a vacuum attachment on the dog?

How many square feet of floor can you vacuum before the dirt-cyclone in the clear canister of the vacuum stops swirling? Me? About ten…. And I vacuum a lot.

I’ve been trying to teach the dog to wipe his paws before he comes in the house. It’s true, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Why don’t they call linoleum and tile samples by names that would really help me decide… like “mud” or “dirt yard” or “soot-n-horseshit” or “black-n-white dog”??

Have you ever taken the garbage out in your pajamas and a pair of 4-buckle overboots… with no shoes underneath?

Any ideas how to clean the socks of a 2-year-old when his boots “got mucked down ‘n I walked outen a them” Fear not… I tossed them.

Does anyone else let their kid pee on the side of the shop just so he won’t track across the freshly cleaned floors to get to the bathroom? How about your husband?

How can there be 14 pairs of muddy boots on the porch when there are only 3 sets of feet (and one set of knees) capable of making muddy boots in the household??

Ah, yes, ‘tis the season of mud & muck in our neighborhood….

The project for this week....

I was going to make you do Easter baskets..... yes, mine are done. I hit the $1 store and spent twenty bucks.... that, combined with the week-after-Easter clearance from last year and I'm pretty much set. I need to get some glow-in-the-dark pacifiers for DG's basket & more m&m's for the plastic eggs... I'm not sure, um, WHERE the first two bags of m&m's went....

I only have 4 baskets to do... my two little nieces & my two kids. We re-use the baskets every year.... who needs all that cluttery crap?

So, for you project this week.... cue dread music...


This is mine. It is by "my" chair in the living room. Yes, it has two packs of dental floss. No, I don't use floss... I use the Oral-B hummingbird. Wait, wait... let me straighten it up....

Ah, there. Isn't that better? Yes, my drawer has paint samples.... I've been planning to paint the living room for, oh, two years or so now. The little books are actually baby books... I try to write at least once a week a little bit about what the kids are doing... they each have one. Yes, the last time I wrote in them was early February. Hoof Alive.... greatest nail stuff ever. Nippers and floss for Hot Stuff. The little soldier men when back to the little soldier men tin.... although there will be more toys hiding in there by the end of the week. Baby face stick.... for chubby chapped cheeks. Various finger nail tools.... Lovely gardener's friend hand creme.... I like it and it is that time of year.... time to switch to gardening stuff and try to stave off the greyness of the rest of this season we call "wind," er, early spring.....

Friday, March 16, 2007

There's a coherent thought in here somewhere....

I've been pretty lazy about checking up on other blogs lately.... mostly because, while I rarely post comments, it really bothers me I CAN'T post comments as myself in blogger these days.... and every time I've tried to fix it I've been screwed over by my dial-up connection. (And, please, let's not get into why I have dial-up.... it will make me cry.)

So anyway, I was cruising around and found this post by Candace at Suburban Misfit. No, I'm not considering shutting down this blog.... (Honestly, I consider a lot of what I write here to be the only baby-book material my children will get.) But I've been kicking around a post about writing and improved writing for a while.... and she kinda covers that for me. Most bloggers wax poetic on their bloggaversary about how much their writing has improved and how poor their early posts seem now that they've had writing practice..... yeah, not so much over here. My writing has actual gotten worse. And my clever, quick wit seems to have left the building... permanently.... I feel like I'm standing on an empty street corner shouting, "No, really, I'm funny..... I am. I'm really funny!" Looking at the last year or so of posts I can only pick out a handful I really like.... most are just frantic scribbles.

But I think I need those frantic scribbles and I plan to ride out this crazy phase (into the next crazy phase) and hope to put up a decent post every ten posts or so.....

I had a really funny post planned in my head about the new Cetaphil cleanser I got at Costco but DOOCE beat me too it. It's just as well... her post was damn clever and well written. Mine would have gone something like this:

Got new face cleanser for in the shower.... looks & feels (but doesn't smell or taste) just like.... um..... boy juice.... you know. Now whenever I'm in the shower with Hot Stuff I can't help darting my eyes back and forth between him and the bottle and wonder.....

I mean, really, didn't you ever have a guy in college tell you it was really great for your skin??

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Luscious, sleek, spoked-wheeled goodness... I covet thee.

I admit it.

I covet the double-joggers of other mom's at the playground.

Yes, my crappy single jogger is a Yakima. Awesome yuppie-mama name brand... but it was really designed to be a great bike cart... and then they decided to multi-task it and put a handle on it and call it a jogger.... but I can't complain.... it was free.

And, honestly, when you have two kids stacked in there like cord wood sticking their fingers out the sides where the previous owner decided to cut large jagged holes in the clear plastic.... well, it just ain't as sexy.

Besides I have to drive to the playground and buying an expensive piece of baby gear just because we are having a bit of early spring-like weather and I am dreaming of the days when I was in shape (a shape described as something other than "dough-blob" anyway) would be a serious waste of cash, right??


Wow. Is my music collection lacking.... I haven't bought a cd (ok, or downloaded anything for the ipod) in ages.

I'm still grooving to Pavlo and David LaMotte lately.

Anyone have any new suggestions?


Just started Diana Gabaldon's next book in the series The Fiery Cross. I'm having a hard time getting into it.... this is the 5th book and I've read exerpts from it but I can't remember what happened in the last two books...

Next up is probably Flags of Our Fathers. Hot Stuff read it and loaned it to my dad, who loaned it to my mom, who loaned it to my sister.... so if it ever comes back I'll check it out.

Just finished re-reading the Narnia books.... I got the complete set in one edition for Christmas.

Is Sweet Boy ready for nightly installments of Charlotte's Web? Anyone? Hot Stuff read him Gentle Ben and he did ok.... maybe I should start with something a little lighter.... but now that the tv season is slipping into reruns we'd like to do a chapter-a-night in the living room a few nights a week.

The kid really digs books. We read three at bedtime.... his choice. And, yes, I have been known to hide the really long ones (or that damn Dr. Seuss tongue-twister one, Oh Say Can You Say) in the book shelf where he might not find them.... We bought a few lots of Dr. Sueuss and Little Critter on ebay to jump-start his library and it has grown quite a bit but we are always on the look-out for good new books.... any suggestions?

Oh, what, and you'd like MY suggestions for reading? Why, my most recent favorite is Old Turtle because I love the pictures.


We watched Borat this weekend. I dunno, maybe I went in with low expectations, but I kinda liked it. There were laugh-out-loud moments and, in general, the whole movie just made me feel kinda.... uncomfortable. And I think it is good to feel uncomfortable once in a while. It made me realize how hopelessly comfortable I usually am.... know what I mean?

Now I wish I'd paid attention to all the things the critics said about the movie... didn't they get sued a couple times over it? And, not to be too 'neck, but is the actor the same guy who is in Talladega Nights????

Other movies I've seen recently: Flyboys (good by nothing like the book... not even the same war, actually....), Flags of Our Fathers (good, still have to read the book... not sure I'm ready for it....), The Illusionist (good, love Edward Norton), Some movie with Robin Williams becoming president (Bad, wanted a funny movie.... not funny, not compelling), Little Miss Sunshine (good, clever).

As you can see.... my review criteria are very limited. One good line can redeem an entire movie in my world.

On tv we are watching The Black Donnelly's on Monday nights. (And, yes, I still watch Heroes... more out of sick habit than acutal enjoyment) Tuesdays are pathetic. Wednesday is Friday Night Lights. Thursdays: The Office, My Name is Earl & ER. Friday is Vegas. I would like to watch Grey's Anatomy, Numbers, Deadwood & CSI: Las Vegas but we don't get the channels.... Any other tv shows I should be watching or get the series on dvd?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

3 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting Mother of the Year

Subtitle: Confessions of an “earnest” mommy.

I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to give kids under 3 popcorn. The almonds he sometimes gets to eat? Yes, I know I’m risking a trip to the ER to have tiny bits of rock-hard nut picked out of his lungs after he inhales them. But popcorn? How else am I supposed to do a trip to Target without the $1 combo #1???

Darling Girl started to fall off a high place… instead of just letting her fall and land on the soft rug I smooshed her poor little self into the cabinets trying to break her fall. Poor baby. But, when I confessed to the nurse at her 6 month appt, she said, “Uh-huh. And it won’t be the last time….”

I saved a toilet paper tube to test some of SB’s toys that DG sometimes plays with…. I put the tp tube down, grabbed the tub of toys, turned back around and…. All that was left of the tp tube was a sodden, slimy lump of cardboard…. That girl sure can move fast... and this was even before she knew how to crawl.....

Baby #3

The maternity ward at St. Pete's is getting an overhaul. Completion is projected for May 2008. The new maternity unit will be located on the 4th floor.

Do you know what this means?

My next child will be born in the elevator.

So do they have the seasonal GSC ice cream in the stores yet???

Lordy, I am so FULL of Girl Scout Cookies. Hot Stuff bought a box from the daughter of every guy he works with and I bought a couple boxes from the lovely Big.

I read Elle's post regarding cookie distribution and, honestly, I thought she was just saying she was doing that to up all the projects and ceiling fan installation she's been doing.... because she doesn't want to make me feel guilty for not getting off my ass and doing any of the many, many home improvement projects on my list. I also believed this because I hadn't received my shipment of samoas & thin mints. So I called her to tease her about it and she swore she'd shipped them..... hmmmm, I though, a mystery....

I couldn't believe Hot Stuff would eat them.... not his thing. Our UPS guy is usually pretty reliable and leaves things in the dining room door (we have huge space between the screen & the door... the beauty of old log houses that have been sided) or on the big (pellet storage) trunk outside the door. Nope, no cookies there. So I wandered around to the other door.... the one that faces the road and opens into the living room... the one we never open unless it is time to take down the Christmas wreath. Lo-and-behold (where DOES that phrase come from, anyway??) THERE WERE MY COOKIES.

I had a blue & fuzzy moment and split a box of lemonades with Sweet Boy. Then I wised up and stashed the rest in the freezer in the garage. As you may know, my garage is across the yard from the house so at least I will be getting a good workout running back and forth retrieving my snacks.

It's Monday.

So I've slacked a bit on this.

Today your job is to deal with your stick. Sounds kinky, right? No, silly, your chapstick.

And, yes, I am in the process of baby-proofing my house, why do you ask? What? Your kids have never eaten a chapstick???

The goal is to locate your lip balm, assess it, use it up or replace it as needed.

So I have several places I keep lip balm items:

The car: I have a glass-shine squeeze tube of tinted stuff in the car. I don't love it but it handles the heat/freezing well. When it is used up I will replace it with a screw-top wand-applicator tube of something delightful.

The decanter on the fridge: I have an antique alcohol thingy on my fridge and in one of the little shot glasses resides my mail chapstick. Currently I'm using up the last "Natural Ice -After All, It's Inglenook" advertising lip balm from back in the day when I worked for WME. Once we close that chapter I'll start in on one of the many Burt's Bees balms Santa keeps bringing me.

The drawer in the living room: We have this drawer (I'll post photos later) that contains, well, those things.... nail files & hand lotion & clippers & stuff. I have a lip conditioner tube in there.

The bedside table: Tricky one.... little fingers tend to get into this space when they are supposed to be napping. So, in a zippered container shoved way in the back I have a nail file, foot lotion & lip guck..... what else might be in that container? Hah.... that stuff is in another special place....

My purse: I have about eleventy-million lip balms, glosses & sticks in my purse. Well, ok, I counted.... actually there are 3.

Work: I have a nice lipgloss & a plain lip balm in my desk drawer.

That's it. That's all I need. The rest are brand-new Burt's Bees stashed in the tub with the spare toothbrushes & extra vitamins. Now I just have to talk myself into "releasing" those half used tubes of brownish Lancome lipstick my mom gave me from her "freebie" gifts.

I can do it. I can do it.

I like peas.

But I don't like pees. And for some reason I've been encountering a lot of them lately. Someone (no one will 'fess up) peed in front of the chair in the living room. I'm blaming the dog.... well, actually, I'm blaming the ones in our home who are capable of opening the child-proofed front door..... because I'm pretty sure we failed to make him go out before we all left for the day.

Then last night Sweet Boy... oh where do I start.... Sweet Boy woke up with a wet pull up, tried to go potty in the potty chair, managed to hose down the front of his jammy shirt, I helped him clean up and get into sweats & a t-shirt and a dry pull up..... Then his morning he went racing downstairs to see Grandma, give daddy a hug-n-a-kiss, and go potty. Daddy was in the bathroom with the door locked (his either afraid my mom will walk in on him or afraid I'll try to put the moves on him in the shower.... we aren't sure....). Sweet Boy came racing back upstairs for the potty chair..... he didn't make it. He got his pants down and then, in his words, "My wiener just peed, mom. It just peed right there on the floor." My first thought? "Who taught him the word wiener???"

But we have the carpet cleaner here (called mom to bring it after finding pee spot #1) so I'll take care of it tonight. Fun Monday night in store for me, eh??