Friday, July 09, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

So to address the recent rash of retail therapy in the blogosphere....

Yes, I have buyer's remorse and, yes, I have a small pile of returns to make because of it. 

I'm returning the wine glass rack that won't fit in my cupboard.  I may return the over-the-door rack that I didn't need... but it was on clearance so I might use it somewhere else instead.  I bought 2 extra rugs at Ross but paid about $5 each so I'll hoard those and use them to replace other rugs as the cats yak on them and whatnot.  I'm also returning the 6 cube cubie storage thing I bought at Lowe's.... I don't think it will work and, at $40, it was pricey.

I'm keeping the over-the-door organizer I put in the front closet.  I'm keeping the cheap shelf unit I bought for the laundry room... although it may go to organize the shed because it isn't working well in the laundry room.  I'm keeping the clothes pin bag because I've needed one for about 12 months and it was on clearance.

I'm totally keeping the 2" paint trim brush and the new organizing tubs... love them both.

And the paint and flooring samples were free.

I'm still shopping for the perfect organizing shelf system for the laundry room and now I'm shopping for a good way to turn our bathroom into a dressing room.... Damn... why isn't there an ikea in Montana?


Elle said...

There's an IKEA coming soon to a city just north of ME!!!! Let me check the opening date & we can plan a visit around it!!!

How desperate am I???


Christal said...

I complained to IKEA when they told me I couldn't get their catalogs because I live in Montana. Eventually they sent them to me(yes all of them) and I hoarded them for way too long.

That's one of my wishes ... both IKEA & DirectBuy anywhere in Montana.

(I do have leftover paint for small projects if you want another color added to the mix.)