Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sweet bejeebus in the morning. 

What a week.

And it is, like, the 4th Monday of the week.

Pour me some wine.  Shit.  Give me a smoke.

Things that have happened this week.

Still moping about the non-visit to Colorado.  Trying to be a grown up but failing.

Gymnastics camp for Tuff M-TH 9-12.  Wondering how other mothers do this activity crap.  Seriously.  And, also.... I don't like other mothers.  Sorry.  True.  Not social.  Really.  It's me, not you.  Also... while on the subject... how the hell can you afford that super-fancy SUV, those fancy clothes, that pricy cut-n-color-n-pedi AND be a stay-at-home mom?  Really.  I want to know.  Because I'm running my ass off, wearing threads from Target, sporting grey hair and killing myself... slowly but surely. 

Pink eye.  Or conjunctivitis (sp?).  First Bugsy, then Sweet.  Who will be next?  (On a positive... the walk-in clinic behind the old Big R.... GREAT.)

Tuff's birthday lunch cancelled.  See above pink eye.

Tuff's birthday party.  Sunday.  Still finding gifts I hid that I forgot to give her... guess that means my Christmas shopping is about done. 

Rash.  I have a rash.  On the back of my neck, across my stomach and now all over my legs.  It comes and goes.  I think it is stress.

Worms.  Turns out the cats DIDN'T have round worms... because they are still yakking up worms after medication.  I KNEW they were tape worms.  Also... top this for nasty.... the little linguini try to flee from the puke piles and end up stretched out and dried up several inches away. 

Hot's job.  He has been getting to work at 6 and coming home after 10 most of this week.  Fantastic.

Ok.  I'm done.  I'll be back when I'm a little happier.

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kae said...

My week was similar so I feel your pain. Flower had a fever, then a rash. Princess has a head cold which makes me think of a jack-in-the-box commercial every time she talks. DH was in Idaho for a couple days and work was a nightmare yesterday. I'll call you re: the Tuff's camp, I've been thinking about signing Flower up. I feel the exact same way about the other moms at those things. Hang in there, it's Friday :)