Friday, July 02, 2010


Do you play the CVS game? 

I used to play when they had good monthly freebies but I haven't been for a while.

But I needed more sunscreen.

So here's the deal I did today:

(Buy $25 of aveeno, get 10 ECB)
Aveeno face spf100 3oz.  $11.99, sale:  $10.99
Aveeno lotion spf85 4oz. $11.99, sale:  $10.99
Aveeno skin relief 11oz. $11.99, sale:  $9.99
Total Purchase:  $31.97
ECB:  $10
Aveeno rebate:  $10

Go back and get:
Schick Hydro Razor $9.99
Schick intuition blades (3pack) $10.99
Use the $10 ECB from above
Pay $10.98
Get another $10 ECB (buy $20 Schick, get $10ECB)
Then send in for Schick Hydro Rebate of $9.99.

So all in $56.95 worth of stuff.  Saved $4 in sales.  Saved $20 in ECB.  Saved $19.99 in rebates.

Not the best deal I've done but pretty good for all things I want, need and use.  I love the Schick Intuition razor and blades but they are so pricey I consider them a bit of a splurge for summer.  And Hot really needed new razor blades... this way he gets a razor and 5 blades for free.  And we had to buy new sunscreen before this weekend anyway so why not do a deal, right? 

Now to check the ad online to see if they have any other good ECB deals... I've got $10 in ECB to roll before August 1.

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Elle said...

We have no CVS. Sometimes I play Walgreens games, but I get tired of the fine print & waiting. Plus, the cashier and the Walgreens store closest to me is terrible and has made me dread going in there . . . . I HATE that she tries to touch my kids.