Thursday, July 29, 2010

School Supplies

First Grade List

1 school box

1 box saltines

1 pointy scissors

1 paint shirt to share

2 Elmer’s glue

24 #2 pencils (sharpened)

2 containers play dough

1 big box Kleenex

2 large pink erasers

1 granola bar

10 glue sticks

1 watercolor paint set

1 box baby wipes

1 two pocket folder

1 box 8-10 ct washable markers

2 boxes crayons (24 or less)

I have most of it already.... he got to pick a folder... Batman.  I still need to get glue sticks but I'm waiting for a sale.  And I haven't gotten saltines because we will just eat them.
Is it wrong to re-use the water colors from last year? 
Play dough?  Like... play dough?  Huh.  Ok... forgot to get that.... Since I tossed all of our dough in the ongoing craft-cleanout I guess I'll have to buy some. 
Tuff got into the Elmer's last night.... she made gorgous glue-pictures and had a blast gluing things on cardboard.  Good thing I got a few extra bottles when it was 25 cents a bottle last week. 

1 comment:

SarahP said...

When I went to first grade, I think I brought a backpack and one pencil.
What will Bugsy (and my guy, who's close to her age) bring to first grade: hoverboards? A laptop? The complete works of Neitchze? See, I can't even spell Neitchze.