Monday, August 09, 2010

My life. In a list.

1.  Escape work early, grab Bugsy from daycare, to the doc for shots.
2.  Back to daycare to get the bigs.
3.  Costco.  Pizza, cheese.  Wine, two bottles, big ones, one red and one white.
4.  Load groceries in van in heavy rain storm.  Notice block of mozzarella has big black spots.
5.  No time or energy to unload everyone and trek back into Costco. 
6.  Move pizza-making plans to later in the week.
7.  Home, pizza in, unload groceries, zip around moving groceries to appropriate locations.
8.  Haul out cardboard.
9.  Chill white wine.
10.  Kids fed, me fed, dog fed, cats fed.  Load of laundry in.  Groceries away.  Car emptied.
11.  Nana, Papa and nieces show up for movie night.  Start movie.
12.  Pour wine.  Scoop ice cream.
13.  Sister-in-law shows up.  Pour more wine.  Scoop more ice cream.
14.  Sister shows up.  Unload horses.  Fill water buckets.  Tell sister to patch fence by shed with pallets.
15.  Kids jammied, brushed and bedded.  In-laws head home.  Sister & I sip wine and talk.
16.  Husband gets home.  More talk.  Set up bed for sister in torn apart spare bedroom.
17.  Good night.

1.  Wake to sound of car leaving.  Assume it is husband heading in to work early.
2.  Go downstairs.  Children watching cartoons.  Husband and sister are missing.
3.  Go outside.  Horses are missing.  Look for tracks and sign. 
4.  Realize sister did not go for early morning ride.  Look up at hillside.
5.  See two horses.  Think.  See Subaru driving along road and heading towards two horses.
6.  See sister, in jammies, talking to neighbor and getting two horses.
7.  Go inside to start coffee and make cinnamon rolls.
8.  Husband goes to work.  Go to town to rent giant sander.
9.  Spend several hours sanding.  Sister goes to town to chase cans.
10.  Shower, return sander, go to Lowe's and look at porch and floor paint.
11.  Buy 3 fabric bins on clearance and some cleaner for painted surfaces to be re-painted.
12.  Meet sister at home and eat ice cream.
13.  Make cabernet-braised short ribs.  (Actually... shiraz-braised.)
14.  Send sister to Butte in minivan.
15.  Talk to sister on phone and explain how to hook up ipod to auxillary jack.
16.  Husband comes home and praises dinner.
17.  Eat own weight in mashed potatoes and gravy.
18.  Watch Bugsy eat gravy off spoon of potatoes and then dip it again.
19.  Do dishes.  Curse because cooking makes so many dishes.
20.  Fold laundry.  Scrub wooden floors with nasty cleaner.  Tidy.
21.  Make bed for sister and her hubby in living room on futon mattress.
22.  Go to bed.
23.  Bugsy has a bad night.  End up in Tuff's bed.

1.  Vow to get Tuff a new mattress.
2.  Take aleve for aches and pains from sanding and sleeping in Tuff's bed.
3.  Say goodbye to sister and brother-in-law.
4.  Tackle front section of storage shed. 
5.  Find shoes for Sweet... size 3.
6.  Can't decide what to do with spare blankets and bedding.
7.  Find lots of boxes of craft materials.
8.  Realize cookbooks are silly.
9.  Make tortillas and cheese for lunch and play card games with kids.
10.  Think about taking a nap but put away craft stuff instead.
11.  Try to talk sister into doing cross-stitch so she can have patterns and fabric.
12.  Do decorate-bags project with kids to use up fabric paints.
13.  Make sandwiches for dinner.
14.  Tuff falls off stool and takes out decorated bag.... lands splat on floor.
15.  Put Tuff in tub with scrubbie.
16.  Try to scrub paint off floor and oxy-clean paint covered clothing.
17.  Play more card games.
18.  Put kids to bed.
19.  Decide having futon in middle of living room is not a bad thing.
20.  Read and talk about house ideas with husband.
21.  Clean the toilet.
22.  Go to bed.

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