Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking out the Window

Looking out the window.  This is me, looking out the window before I started the REAL coat of paint.  Yes, that last set of photos was just the primer.  So I'm looking out my plastic covered window at Old Trot there.  And the leaning cabin.  And guess what.  I DID NOT OPEN THAT WINDOW.  Big Mistake.  Fumes from oil-based paint.  Ack.  I had no idea.  My house still reaks THREE DAYS LATER.  And, also, the paint is not dry enough to walk across to OPEN a window.  "Dry to light traffic in 24 hours"  MY ASS. 
It went quite well.  I washed the walls.  I took everything out.  I pulled a few staples I missed before.  I spackled floor screw holes.  I spackled wall nail holes.  I dug out the old green paint and fixed the ceiling line.  (THREE coats around the room.)  I touched up.  I ditzed.  I was in heaven.  Then I got out the roller (Thank you, Hot, for taping AND for buying a pole for the roller... yes, we have on in the garage (I call it the push broom handle) but I wouldn't have bothered and it made the job go oh-so-fast.) and I rolled.  One coat.  Much smell.  Baby on hip.  Pictures later.

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