Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowl. Bowl. Bowling.

That's right. I just got all crazy and moved them.


And my dad was at my house and he said he'd never heard of such a thing.... bowls in drawers. And I started spouting "Montessori" and "Ikea" and, secretly, I started planning a post about it.... because what good is family unless they are inspiration for a blog post?

My only regret is I have no before pictures.

So let me back up and talk about the inspiration for this major act of kitchen treason and reorganization.

First, the facts:

1. My kitchen is quite small. Not postage stamp-sized but more like, um, post-it note-sized.

2. I've been thinking about this change since I got new pyrex for Christmas. Lots of new pyrex.

3. Also... new sippy cups. Only 2 new sippy cups.... but with these sippy cups came the realization we have a lot of sippy cups and lidded-drink cups and for the love of catfish, we only have 5 mouths in this house.... WHY do we have so many of them??? I'm all for hydration but this is just silly.

And so it began.

I consolidated two plastic container tubs into one. (And I questioned the need for so many plastic containers...) I put sippy cups into one of the plastic container tubs. (See the photo... those two tubs were plastic containers... now the one on the left is sippy cups) I wiped out the sippy cup drawer and then loaded it with bowls. Not all the bowls (the big white bowls are all still in the cupboard up top) but most of them. Then I shuffled a bit to accomodate the new pyrex. AND ta-da.

Here's what I'm left with:
1. A drawer of bowls (and baby spoons). These are the kid cereal bowls. The vegetables-for-dinner bowls (What? Nobody likes their cheesy-peas to touch their chicken tenders, do they??) and the snack bowls. The baby food bowls. The pack-the-leftovers-for-lunch-with-a-lid bowls (doubling as portion control... like how I built that in there?).

2. A tub of sippy cups... still easily accessed by the little set. (Added bonus: I cleaned out the travel coffee cup drawer.... I know... but believe me, this photo is a huge improvement.... the drawer opens and closes now....)
3. A big cardboard box of randomness. Sippy cups and plastic containers. A fancy Pampered Chef cheese grater, a ceramic garlic cooker, a Velveeta cheese holder (I am not kidding.), and some various odds-n-ends of kitchen life that needed to be retired. I have the box in the shed for the "if you don't need it in 6 months" dumping plan. So far no one has needed anything... you aren't really surprised by that, are you??

4. Follow up. There is always follow up. I'm now hunting for a perfect container to put on the shelf to replace the sippy cup tub.... 14x23x6. It will allow the sippy cups to be less crammed (see photo) together. (Nothing says frustration like a 3-year-old defeated by crammed-together sippy cups.) I'm thinking of cutting down a cardboard box to test that size to make sure it works before I spend any cash.

And I need more of those smaller-sized clear pyrex with the blue lids. 
And me? I'm feeling giddy with power. One kitchen thing done, one thousand to go.

This post is from February or so.  I've lived with the new bowl situation for a while.... and I like it.  I "edited" out a few more sippy cups and decided the white bin was big enough.  But I do need more clear pyrex bowls.... those solid white ones get lost in the fridge... if I can't see what is in them I ignore them.  And those 4 little pyrex ramekins with no lids... fairly useless. 

Emptying the dishwasher (if I had a dishwasher..... but I do have a draining rack....) is a breeze.  All the bowls just plop into that drawer.  So clever.
I wish I had one more drawer.  Then I could stash all the other bowls that are up top.

Next up:  The re-do of my spice cabinet and baking supplies.

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