Thursday, April 15, 2010


Meeting number four (lordy I'm getting tired.... and I've only been at this meeting stuff for a week now) was with the plumber.

We went basic, basic, basic.  My only upgrades are:  a sprayer on the laundry room sink ($40), a 36" tub ($150), maybe a stainless faucet in the kitchen and a slightly cooler shaped pedestal sink in the powder room.  The bathroom faucets are Eva.  The kitchen faucet will be Aberdeen... I think.  Stainless two-tub sink in the kitchen.  Super basic.  One meeting to go.


Christal Anderson said...

Wow, I can't believe how similar what you've picked is to what I've gotten.

I like them - - of course ... since I picked Eva for some of our plumbing stuff too, and our sinks are very similar to your style too.

Homestead said...

I think our pedestal will be the middle square one. And I liked Eva because it was cheapest and looked easiest to clean..... and the plumber recommended it.

What is your opinion on stainless steel sinks??