Thursday, April 15, 2010


Meeting Number Two was with the flooring guy.

We went with a Mannington laminate wood looking thing for the kitchen and dining room.  Right now I'm saying "Burlwood" but that might change depending on the cabinets.

Resista carpet (in Ship Wreck) for the bedroom and stairs and, hopefully, to redo the living room and other bedroom.  I don't even like carpet but this stuff is soft.

Vinyl for the laundry room, powder room and master bath.  Revolutions... something.  Undecided on the pattern.

Also I learned you can have a chunk of carpet bound for $1.25/ft.  So about $55 for a 10x12 rug (plus cost of carpet of course)... that's a darn good deal... and they had some really cute carpet patterns.


Christal Anderson said...

I really like the Burlwood. It looks like it will go with a lot & work well with kids/hubby/pets.

Poker Website Reviews said...

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