Friday, April 16, 2010


Last meeting.... took about 30 minutes.

The highlights: 

1.  Undercabinet lighting and outlets
2.  Light over the tub in the bathroom
3.  Ceiling fan in the bedroom
4.  Where the heck do I put the dining room light fixture?
5.  Lots of outlets in the pantry

Hot was there for this meeting so he could talk to the electrician about the electrical in our out buildings.  These boys went to high school together so it was a good time. 

Next steps:  Flooring guy will measure existing living room for bid on Tuesday evening.  I will get the cabinet samples sometime soon so I can make a final decision.  Oh... and I'm planning to go see some model homes to get ideas.  Then the builder puts together the bid and we finalize that part.  It might be painful.

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Christal said...

1)The 12" ones undercabinet lights worked great for us.
2)Yes if you like to read in the tub (but you could put in "can" lights on a dimmer switch)
3) I love them (but I'm from the south). It's hard to get one with enough light for an overhead light with it though, so you might want can's in there too.
4) Remember, if it has a chain or a good length of wire you can move it if necessary. (I'm amazed at how you can re-do sheetrock to cover up where you cut it out and had to repair/retexture it.)
5) I told hubby lots of plugs in kitchen. I should have been more specific. It DOESN'T have to be a bunch of single plugs (I think he has 6 lined up in a row.) Double plug recepticles work really well and don't look so institutional. Make sure you have good lighting overhead in pantry & take into account where your shelves will be. If you have the roof for it, consider a skylight/solar tube in the pantry ceiling (or you could add it later.)

Make sure you double check how long the bid prices are good for and discuss change order fees, prior notification before they substitute items, and how they'll handle backorders/out-of-stocks/discontinued-no longer availables. For some things it won't matter, but for others it could be important.

Painful, yes, BUT ... when will interest rates be this low again? AND ... think of how great it will be on the other side.