Monday, February 07, 2011


Gunnar just heard the news.... there is a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood.  Between that and the predicted eleventy-million inches of snowfall he has decided to stay on the couch.

PS.  Anyone else noticing how GREY his face is these days??


Elle said...

Oh! It does my heart good to see that old boy! How I miss him!!! How did you end up with the good dog AND the couch???

Christal said...

Our 9 yr old boxer boy is also getting grayer around the muzzle and slower to romp.

However, when I bring a new toy into the mix, he's like a puppy tossing and playing with it. We just get to love them and appreciate the time we have together.

Homestead said...

What couch?

Homestead said...

Don't be mislead.... he will still chase a tennis ball for 1000 miles.