Saturday, February 26, 2011

Organizing Challenge: Nail Pretties

So this fine Saturday morning (temperature MINUS TEN without wind chill) the girls and I decided to do mani/pedi work.  We got out the polka dot box.  Then we decided we better clean it.  So we emptied the box, wiped out the random clippings (ew) and ook from the bottom, then looked at our collection. 

 You know what?  When I was single I had one pair of nail nippers.  One.  Now we have about 6 sets.  Stashed everywhere.  Sigh.  Just another tiny oddity about getting married and having kids.  My hubby is fairly obsessed with having clippers available... he keeps them in the side table by his chair.  Ew.

See the adorable tiny toe in the background?  Painted Miami Dolphins teal ("Marine Scene" by Sally).  Ah... the memories in this box.  The dark and dramatic purple ("Adrenaline" by Creative) that was my wedding pedicure.  The strawberry icing pink ("Strawberry Icing" by Sally) I bought when Tuff was a baby so we could have matching delicate petal pink toes....  The classic ("Wreathed in Red" by OPI) red for summer toes.  Bright Coral ("Bright" by Sally) for the summer after Bugsy was born to celebrate being able to reach my toes again.  All the crazy kid colors.  And, yes, even a hideous Steelers yellow (LA Colors from the Dollar Store). 

I love OPI polish... so it strikes me as odd that I only have one polish that is OPI.  For my fingernails I really like the Neutrogena stuff that was discontinued.  Neutrogena Nail Enhancer in Pearl.  I got some other stuff that I have at work but it isn't as great.

I need a new basecoat.... any recommendations?  Why do I have so much topcoat and no basecoat??  And has anyone used a glass nail file?  Are they great or not?  And do you have a favorite foot file?  I bought one of those ones that looks like a cheese grater... it works ok.  And I have a pumice thing in the shower.  And the handy-dandy dry file from Body Shop.... I think that is my favorite.... but I never use it in winter.... filing your feet just seems like an outside project, doesn't it?  Ew. 

And the final product.... not much is changed... I wiped the gunk off the top of some bottles but mostly it is all the same.... just tidier and minus the nail filing dust.

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Elle said...

That's the smallest damn box of nail polish I've ever seen. I'm sending you a damn cute little 31 box/crate/thingie that is PERFECT for your collection. And game on . . . I'm showing you our collection. Rationale: More girl kids equals more nails equals more need for more bottles of uselss polish. We like our stamper. I like triple antibiotic ointment on my nails. And . . yes, I have a glass file. I love the idea, but it doesn't get UNDER there at the right angle. Plus, color me old school - but I'm afraid I'm gonna break it.