Monday, January 07, 2013

Wanna guess how much I got done???

Don't every let me drink a Mountain Dew at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday

It wasn't a good thing.  But we have a bunch of pop leftover from a holiday thing and I had one.  And at 2:00 am I was still up wandering around taking pictures of all the things I was planning to accomplish today.  And, of course, today I am a zombie.

A zombie with coffee. 

Paper.  Today is the day of paper.  And Costco.  And Target and Joanne's and the Dollar Store and Capital Sports and Office Depot.  You see the problem here?  Too much stuff and too little day.  So I'm using my handy-dandy new orange watch to time myself out 15 minutes to PLAN the day.

Make some lists.  See.  I'm doing that now.  A Costco list.  A grocery list (for later this week).  A hardware store list.  A craft list.  A list of things to do for the girls' room.  A list of categories of paper so I can finally completely get like with like and move on with the paper organization project.

1.  Set up profiles on the Kindle... with that timer thing to limit play and apps they can access.
2.  Copy new Mumford & Sons cd to computer and ipod.
3.  Look at playlists on old ipod and clean up in general.
4.  Make sure all photos are in 2012 folder.  Think about sorting the December ones.
5.  Read something on the Kindle (Sherlock Holmes at 2:30 am does not count.)
6.  Contemplate a case/screen protector for the Kindle.
7.  Charge camera battery.
8.  Label any stray chargers.  (I think this is all done.)
9.  Adore this.

1.  Call Elle and figure out how to finish off the scarf I made under her tullage.  Also note:  knitting is a great way to keep your mouth shut....  who knew?
2.  Download Nevis font for birth card pictures.  Also, while sorting paperwork, double check time/weights/heights for birth of children.
3.  Do something with metal letter stampers and a hammer.
4.  Set up journal files for 2013.
5.  Contemplate these to store mittens on the wall.

1. Taxes prepped. This won't all happen today but I'm going to work on them a bit.
2. File receipts and find Target receipt for playdough. (Done. Took about 2 minutes. I have a system down for filing receipts... which means I have a system for FINDING receipts.)
3.  Clear out the dining room filer and hang it on the wall.  (Done.  Photographic evidence to follow.)
4.  Finally figure out the master plan for organizing all paperwork.  The end-all-be-all.  Today.  I need more coffee.  Ok.... how about if I figure out all of the categories of paperwork today and work on generating a trash bag of stuff I don't need....
5.  Put contacts in the "home" binder.
6.  Scan some stuff.  Ok.  This is too vague and won't happen.  How about, "Scan 10 documents and file them electronically in the appropriate file with the appropriate name."

1.  Hang curtain rod in the girls' room.
2.  Work on the top of the stairs closet.
3.  Hang jewelry hangers.
4. Sort the kids' clothes. I did this yesterday. I just wanted to put it on the list so I can check it off.
5.  Hang something adorable on the front door.
6.  Put away Christmas decor.  It's all boxed and in the garage.... which is as far as I'm willing to go in my slippers.  Today I will put on my muck boots and haul the boxes through the drift to the shed.

1.  Do a quickie workout video.
2.  Poop.
3.  Shower.
4.  Drink a whole pot of coffee.  (By myself.  Hot is gone this weekend.)
5.  Beat my son at some part of wii sports. 

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Elle said...

Find the tutorial on you tube . . . it'll tell you how to get it off of the needles . . . there are a zillion .. . just search "how to knit a ruffle scarf" or "starbella" ... it should come up. Also, don't do the mitten things. They look like they'll collapse and that will just end up pissing you off. Do the pluggie-inner. That's bad ass. Plus it would require power tools. Bad. Ass.