Thursday, January 03, 2013

Crafty 2013

In the name of craft.

I'm trying to come up with 12 crafty creative projects to actually DO in 2013.

1.  Knit a scarf.
2.  Make a tutu table.
3.  Make disney cutout wall prints for the girls' room.
4.  Make a birthday banner.

Uh.... I ran out of ideas already.....


Elle said...

5. ticket jar of memories
6. melty crayons in the sun this summer
7. home made shrinky dinks . . . i have the recipe
8. fabric decoupage on drawers

that's off the top of my head. more to come.

Christal said...

For you or your kids? I sent a really good kids' weblink to my daughter. I'll try to dig it up later tonight and send it your way.

This might be fun to check out. (I was a pre-school teacher, so I always check the non-crafty option so it has less parts/steps/etc.) Bowling pins :-)
not crafts but sometimes fun.