Friday, January 04, 2013


I believe in reinvention.  Daily if needed.  So.  Today.  I'm starting AGAIN with meal planning. 

Tonight:  meat loaf, brown rice, stuffing & green beans.  I'm going crazy tonight because I was home ALL DAY yesterday and had time to plan and pre-prep.  I use the onion soup mix meat loaf recipe and cow burger.  Brown rice is really just to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  The stuffing is some random mix that my mother-in-law gave me that won't fit in my cupboard so we are eating it.

Tomorrow:  hot dogs for lunch for the kids and rice bowls for the grownups & some sort of soup in the crockpot with mooseburger for dinner and biscuits.  The soup will have carrots and potatoes and canned tomatoes... and maybe some purple barley.  The biscuits will have butter and honey.

Sunday:  Maybe spaghetti with red sauce.

Monday:  Maybe spaghetti with white sauce.

Tuesday:  Sour cream bake?  We had this over Christmas and it is yummy.

Wednesday:  Chili Mac (if I got to the store and get shells).  Or maybe soup and sandwiches.

Thursday:  Criminy.  Why do these people want to eat EVER DAY??  Chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese?  Ok... something in the crock pot.  With burger.  Taco soup.  Sounds good.  This is not a favorite of the kids....

Friday:  I'm cleaning out the freezer so it might be smorghy-borghy (Swedish Chef Style) of bagel bites, frozen veggies and wonton wrappers.... 

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Elle said...

I'm cleaning out the fridge and freezer too . . . . And trying to incorporate daily walks to the grocery store for produce for the night's meal . . . . last night I made a lovely udon veggie and tofu miso soup . . . . all with stuff in the fridge and freezer. It was delightful . . . .and just enough . . . NO LEFTOVERS!! Bliss.