Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Decor: The Dining Room

My husband shared a thought with me recently.... you don't have to put out every single decoration you own every single year.

It was a revelation to me.

So this year we went for simpler.

Our dining room.... the tiny dining room. I'm so pleased with the wall paint. Yes, I do wish the ceiling was done but patience....
In case you were worried things were getting too organized.... the chaos that is the "launch pad" at our house.... yes, all of those clothes and boots have been worn in the last 24 hours....
Oops... flash failure?  Ok, yes, the shelves are a bit cluttered.  But cute, right?
 The table.  Notice the simple centerpiece that allows us to still eat together as a family.... gone are the giant bowls of ornaments and beads.... maybe next year. 

 Forgive me the boot dryer and giant bag of flour... realities when you live in a snowy place and are the daughter of a wheat farmer, right?  And, yes, that is a countertop microwave.  The built-in one died some time ago.... taking with it the ability to auto-clean the oven.  Sigh. 

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Christal said...

The paint is beautiful and elegant.
Strip & stain a drawer first… Do you want all the cabinets stained dark or just some? Maybe combination colors? Dark on the bottom and lights/combos on top? Walnut, cherry, natural? Walnut & existing color?

Would a new stove work in the dishwasher spot (if you don't plan to replace it)? I'd be tempted to pull the old wall unit and have someone build drawers in the open spot for the oven and a pull out shelf/drawer for the microwave above it behind doors (but in the stain color I want to go to). That way you can put the micro from the counter on it and also put a replacement micro in that spot without any trouble if the counter one dies.

I'd be willing to sacrifice a dishwasher for oven, but I don't have three little ones. Is a dishwasher essential to your life, can you re-use the spot for something else? Maybe a new cabinet/drawer unit to match with the new wall oven spot drawers/cabinet with a cutting board top on all on rollers for portability?

A lot of the magazines I pored through for the last 10 years have mix and match cabinet colors and styles. Think about it.

Look after Christmas for good deals on appliances (and probably cabinets too). Approach the salesmen with cash and bargain the price down.

The shelves are great (especially since they are out of reach for Bugsy).

Your simple centerpiece is lovely, and so are the holiday/seasonal decorations. I only have a huge tree with led multi-color lights with new plastic multi-color balls of differing shapes and glittering. (They're advertised as shatterproof... which is good with all our tile floors.) I had to get the new stuff because I still can't get to the Christmas decorations ... even though I've gone through 58 boxes (and given oodles to goodwill, salvation army, and thrift store). It's sad to have so much STUFF!!

Merry Christmas! PS love the photos too. Your husband was right. Honestly, you can't take too many photos when you have kids. I used to give Christmas PJs out on Christmas eve so there were new ones in the photos. : )