Wednesday, August 10, 2005

He. Is. Still. Here.

I bitched and moaned about being a single mom for 14 days…. And then… He. Didn’t. Leave.


Severity is too high locally so they didn’t send a crew to western Montana. But he is working until 8:00 most nights so I have plenty of time to get myself into trouble.

Last night I tried to talk myself into buying some expensive skin care products just so I could get the free bonus gift. I failed. But I did manage to leave my purse at the store and get all the way home before I realized it. That was fun. (But the beauty of living here? Not only was my purse still there…. The cash & credit cards were still in it.)

I love living here.

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SierraBella said...

I was at a local market up here in the Boonies when a nurse who works 16 miles down the hill forgot to take her purchased lunch with her.
Not one, but two locals offered to take it all the way down to her!
That's why I love rural living.