Friday, August 05, 2005

‘Cause, well, you know…. Christmas IS coming….

Have I mentioned I’m a compulsive list maker? I am making Sweet Boy’s Christmas list…. It is August. Oh well. He wants to check out Thomas the Train on dvd…. The kid has no cartoon dvd’s and I refuse to start him out with Bohbah or whatever those warty uncircumcised penises that come in a staggering array of neonish colors are called. A penis with eyes…. Ew and double-ew…. That is what nightmares are made of….

Ok, so beyond Thomas he really needs some sort of tub toy organizer… something.

He might need snowboots… but there might be a pair in the hand-me-downs “size 2” tubs… I guess I do have until, oh, NOVEMBER or so to figure that out.

Geez, beyond that all he really needs is a bigger drawer to stash items hidden in travel mugs….. I worry…. The kid isn’t much on playing with toys. He loves his rocking wooden moose & that fraggin’ make-me-insane Elmo guitar but other than that he would rather be banging on stuff with a wooden spoon or stacking measuring cups…. Is that normal?


SierraBella said...

That is so totally normal!
Does he also like empty boxes and cartons?
My kids (and grandson) always liked to play with household items.
I spent an hour one day, letting my 2 year old grandson open and smell every one of my spices, and he thought it was great fun! Now he loves to help me cook.

Susan said...

Just wait, Homestead--my oldest son was just like your boy. Now he's five, and all I hear is 'We need some new toys! Can we go to Target today? And buy a [fill in name of thing he does NOT need]?'

I miss the wooden spoon and travel mug days.