Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Reasons Why I Am A Great Mother.

I switched to small crunchy bite-sized bits of dog food instead of big kibble…. Less of a choking hazard. Sweet Boy’s latest trick is to cram several in his mouth and then run over to me grinning so I can squeeze his cheeks and he can spit them out one at a time like some demented little gumball machine.


jules said...

I used to call my dog sweetboy and sweets all the time!

M&Co. said...

The GirlChild use to sit down next to the dog bowls when they were eating and share with them. I was always glad that they were so good natured. They just moved over to give her more room. And when she got teeth, I quit sticking my finger in her mouth to get the dogfood out and let her have at it if she was faster than me.

LadyBug said...

I love that "demented little gumball machine" image.

And the fact that you switched to smaller kibble for child safety reasons.


SierraBella said...

Does he still like "girt" too, or has he graduated to this?

And where did he learn this new trick???

Homestead said...

Sometimes I call my son "Gunnar" which is the dog's name..... hell, sometimes I call my husband Gunnar.

Actually, the baby is a lot like a horse... if you stick your fingers in the side of his mouth -where he doesn't have teeth- he will open up pretty nicely... Geez, I just admitted to using both dog and horse techniques on my kid.... please don't call social services... I swear, I only get him to open up to get things out of his mouth that he shouldn't have... it isn't like I'm putting a bridle on him or anything.

Yes, it is tough admitting to the doctor that a least some percentage of your child's diet comes from "small, crunchy bits" and driveway dirt.